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Review - The Christmas Sweater
    WeHuntSC.com - Glenn Beck's
  The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck

Over Christmas break I traveled a lot spending time with family?probably similar to what you may experience during the holiday season.  Since I got married a couple months back this year was the first year of incorporating another family into the schedule.  Since my schedule was a little more filled, I was unable to hunt during the snow that fell the day after Christmas, but I was able to hunt the day after the snow fell when some snow was still on the ground.  I?ve always wanted to deer hunt in the snow, but I also didn?t want to mess up the schedule on the first year with the in-laws either! 

Though, the first chance I got I rushed back to the house to get my stuff together and slipped down to one of our stands in a nearby field.  Since I was late and rushed this stand was a good fit because it?s relatively easy to get to, I can be quiet on the way in and it?s a box stand so it wouldn?t be too cold.  I finally got situated in the stand and I sat in the box overlooking a field covered in snow.  It was a unique site and one that we don?t get to see too much during deer hunting season in SC. 

One of the gifts I received during Christmas was a book titled ?The Christmas Sweater? by Glenn Beck.  Early in my life I hated to read, but as the years go by I?m finding myself reading a little bit more and not hating it so much.  During the free time I had in between visiting family, opening presents, eating, and traveling I started reading the book that I had received.  Reading a book about a Christmas sweater didn?t really seem to appealing to me, but I had some free time so why not check it out.  I would have been scolded if I had pulled the computer out in front of the wife!

I read about 2/3 the way through the book during the Christmas break and I brought the book with me in my bag in case I decided to read some more.  I sat in the box looking at the field and snow and in between looking out the windows I read the rest of the book.  The book actually turned out to be very good!  As I mentioned, I wasn?t too pumped about reading it at the site of the title, but once you get into the book then you understand why the title is what it is. 

In case you like to read I won?t ruin it for you, but the book tells a vivid story that?s symbolic of Beck?s life and childhood.  He changed some names and locations around and combined some concepts for symbolism to embolden the meaning of figures in his life.  The Christmas sweater was a gift from his mom that symbolized a lot for Beck and throughout the story he uses a lot of allegory to talk about life, relationships, faith, and hope.  I really like the conversations that Beck had with his Grandfather in the story because I feel like I?ve had some of those same conversations with people in various times of my life. 

Through this short story of a kid?s Christmas experience one can gain knowledge, insight, and wisdom about life in general.  If you?re into reading I would give it a look.  Very rarely do I finish a book in 2 days, but I did with this one.  The story was good and kept me engaged the whole time. 

Do any of you read while hunting or am I the only nerd out there?



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