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Early November Food Plot Update
WeHuntSC.com - Intro to Game Management Blog Series
As we continue on with the Intro to Game Management Blog Series we're about done with all the "work" that we have to do with our Tecomate Seed Food Plots. Now it's just time to watch them grow and hunt over them! 
I went out and took some pictures of the food plots one afternoon. These pictures show the plots about 3-4 weeks after fertilizing them. They are looking good and green! With frost starting to get here now and the leaves falling off the trees it won't be a long time until the deer are spending a lot of time in these food plots! I think they turned out pretty well and they've still got some room to grow.
Below is a photo gallery that I created with updated pics of each food plot. I hope to post one more update later in the season to give you another look,and hopefully we'll have some deer in these plots as well!
WeHuntSC.com - Early November Food Plot Update Photo Gallery
Now that we've covered food plots thoroughly we'll be moving on to other facets of Game Management that one should consider when thinking of managing game. Stay tuned!

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