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Fertilizing the Fall Food Plots
  WeHuntSC.com - Power line Plot 2 weeks out
  Power line Plot 2 weeks out

This past weekend we were able to get out and do the final work-related step on the food plots.  To this point we've taken soil samples, sprayed and disked up the ground, limed and seeded the soil, and now the last step is to put down some fertilizer.  It's been really dry in the past few months, but this last week we got some good, much needed, rain.  The rain has helped the food plot products (Teomcate's Max Attract, Ultra Forage, and Monster Mix) germinate and start to take root. 

We aimed to put the fertilizer down when the forecast called for rain a couple of days after we spread the fertilizer. We did this so that the fertilizer wouldn't sit on top of the ground and burn up the plants that had already started growing, but would rather be broken down by the rain and absorbed into the soil and eventually reach the plant's roots.  We also chose Weaver's 13-13-13 for the same precautionary reason of protecting the plants.  The plants are growing and we're trying to help them grow rather than killing them!  We're taking a lot precaution with the strength of the fertilizer that's why we're putting out 13-13-13 instead of 17-17-17.  

The fertilizer we put out on the first remote food plot back in the spring really had a great effect on the growth of the plants.  We put it out and I came back about 2 -3 weeks later and the plants had really "jumped" as they call it.  The plants drastically increased their size within a matter of weeks.  I'm hoping the same will hold true with these plots as well.

WeHuntSC.com - Powerline image

In the power line plot we've planted Max Attract with Ultra-Forage and to this point we've got a good, green looking carpet on the plot. The plants are growing and because they're just starting to break the surface they give the plot a green tint on top of the soil. From what I can tell everything is going well with this plot and I think it's going to be just like we want it, time will tell though. There are also a couple of spots in the power line plot where we spilled some seed by hitting bumps when we were driving.  This leaves the surface with a dark green spots where more seed is growing.

WeHuntSC.com - Fertilizer Close up shot

In the smaller plot we planted Monster Mix and I think it must grow a little slower or something because we could tell that it's growing, but the plants wasn't as high up off the ground yet.  You'll see the picture in the video of what it looks like.  You can definitely see the plant growing, but you had to look for the bright green dots of the little leaves coming through.  I think this one will do well too, but I think it may take a little bit longer than the power line plot.  Both areas receive good sunlight so I don't think that will be a factor.

I created a video where you can see the growth of the two plots and also the fertilizer.

Hopefully before too long we'll be posting some pics of the food plot growing taller and with luck, some pics with deer in it.




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