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Spraying Round-up in Preparation for Food Plots

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As part of the Intro to Game Management blog series we discussed how food plots are one tenant of game management. This blog entry shows us preparing the soil for our food plots by spraying weed killer.

WeHuntSC.com - Tecomate Seed Food Plot JourneyIf you were around last year then you probably joined us in the Tecomate Seed "Food Plot Journey" where we detailed food plot creation from a novice?s perspective.  Part of that journey was to start getting our food plots ready to be planted. We talked in depth about soil preparation and one thing we did to get the areas ready for food plots was to spray round-up to kill the weeds. You can see the blog entry "More Food Plot Soil Samples + Spraying" for a more in depth look at where we started.

This season we're planting food plots again and are not going into as much detail about our steps I this blog series, but we are posting videos to show the progress.  

The below video shows the starting point for this year?s food plots where we sprayed round-up.


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