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JR World Goose Calling Contest

   Blake Hodge with his LCC Mayhem on the stage
Hello again everyone,

November has been a busy contest calling month for me, as I traveled to Easton, MD for the World JR Goose Calling championship.  Callers from all over the United States traveled to this event.

We met Mark McDowell, owner of Lodge Creek Calls in Archdale, NC and we rode the rest of the 8 hour ride with him.  John Hand was also along with us for the ride as he competed in the Mason Dixon Duck Calling Championship.

After, arriving in Easton, and checking into the hotel, we decided to go to the Waterfowl Festival and see the Dock Dogs and attend other festivities.  We ran into our good friends Jeremy Smith and Clay White, who work for Drake Waterfowl Systems.  We hung out with them for a little while and they gave me some added support and since I?m on Drake?s Competition Calling Team, I really tried to make a good showing.

Blake Hodge grabbing 5th in the Jr. World Goose  
Saturday was the big day! After blowing the 1st round in the JR World Goose I scored high enough to make the second round even though I was really nervous.  Coming out in the second round, I had settled down and really got in my zone.  I blew a clean round and had a lot of volume which again scored me high enough to make the big show for the top 5.  We had a 3 hour break and then it was time for the top 5 to strut their stuff.

I started really well, but half way through my final round, I locked up my call and couldn?t even make a sound!  Finally, after 2 or 3 puffs, I got it going again.  I continued on with my routine but realized I had blown my chance for the win.  I finished solid and walked off stage with my head high (that was tough).

Once all five contestants blew their final round, they called everyone out to announce the winners.  As I figured, I finished 5th but wait a minute, I had just finished 5th in the WORLD! Man how cool is that?

Later that night, a good friend of mine, Mitch Hughes won the World SR Goose Calling Championship and he even let me hold up the big $10,000 check (back stage of course) .  Congrats again Mitch.

Sunday morning came and we headed back to SC with a 5th place finish and written excuse to miss last Friday?s day of school! 

I would like to thank Lodge Creek Calls, Drake Waterfowl, Decoy Outdoors, and WinnTuck Waterfowl Lanyards, and the crew here at WeHuntSC.com for their continued support.


Good Calling & Hunting,


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