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World Duck Calling Contest

 Hey Everyone,

Just recently, me, my dad, and good friend Robbie Boone headed out to Stuttgart, AR for the Intermediate World Duck Calling Contest. There were 26 contestants from all over the United States between the ages of 14-16 who had high hopes just like me.

After enduring the 12 hour ride, we finally arrived around 8:00 pm and Macks?s Prairie Wings was still open so we took advantage to stretch our legs and look around at the enormous display of waterfowl supplies.  After dad and Robbie purchased a few items, I called my duck calling mentor and good friend Butch Richenback of RNT Calls , to see what time I could come by the RNT shop the next morning for a call tune up and for him to listen to my routine. 

Blake, Robbie Iverson and Butch in the RNT Shop  

So the next morning we stopped by the RNT Shop where Butch re-tuned my call and worked with me for about 30 minutes prior to being overrun with other callers and store customers. This particular week was Stuttgart?s annual ?Wings over the Prairie Festival? with an estimated 50,000 people in attendance which was huge for not only Stuttgart but the state as well.

After we left Butch and the RNT shop, we headed to Main Street so I could register for the World Contest.  Once I registered,  we had a small lunch (nerves were starting to set in) for both me and my dad.  At 1:30 they called back all of the contestants for to go over all the rules and to begin the contest.

While we were getting ready backstage, the callingducks team was setting up their video equipment which would be giving live video footage for their site www.callingducks.com. This allowed other family members and friends who were unable to come , to watch and see what it?s all about .

Once the contest started, and I was #3 to come out, boy the nerves really started buzzing. When my number was called out, I said here we go, and just blow clean.  I blew a solid routine and was tied for 4th  after the 1st round and was called back in the top 12.  I drew #6 for the second round and surprisingly found myself less nervous.

  WeHuntSC.com - Blake Hodge at the world championship duck calling event
Blake on the Mainstreet Stage

When my number was called out, here we go again, and blew a solid routine again but with combining scores of the first two rounds, put me at finishing 7th in the world.

I would like to congratulate Seth Hartman for winning and two of my good friends Devlin Hodges who finished 2nd, and Greg Hubble JR for finishing 5th. Way to go guys!

I would also like to thank everyone at Drake Waterfowl, Decoy Outdoors, WinnTuck, and the team of WeHuntSC.com but especially Butch Richenback of RNT Calls for all of the support giving to me .  I could have never finished 7th in the World without you.

Good Calling & Hunting - Blake

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