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Planting the Food Plots
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As we continue along in the Game Management Blog Series we are in the middle stages of food plot creation. In this blog entry we?re going to be planting some Tecomate Seed Max Attract in all of our food plot locations. Up until this point we'd sprayed weed killer on all of our food plot locations, returned and plowed the plots, and now it's time to plant. Since we are weekend warriors and crunched for time we put both fast-acting lime and the seed down at the same time. Typically we would like to have put the lime down a little earlier, but our schedules did not permit us to do this. Though, since its fact acting lime it should be ok.  
We're not going into the details of planting the seed, but if you want more info on planting please refer to last year's "Planting the Seed" blog entry that was part of the Tecomate Seed Food Plot Journey.
Next up we will have to fertilize, but we'll wait until the seed germinates first!

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