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Preparing to Seed
   WeHuntSC.com - Preparing to Spread Seed

As turkey season draws to an end, we?re just about ready to put some seed down and it?s not just any seed, its Tecomate Seed?you know, the good stuff!  You may think that we?re busy turkey hunting every weekend, but don?t forget that we?re also preparing some food plots for next deer season.  Yes it?s that time of year!  I encourage you to look at the ?Show Us Your Food Plots? page to see some of the user posted images of food plots on which site visitors around the state are working.  Feel free to post yours too!  You can even film a YouTube video of yourself and tell us what you?re doing/planting/anticipating.  We like to see what?s going on around the state and hope to create a food plot synergy if you will!  Though, I know some of you like to keep your ?best kept secrets? and food plots to yourself.

It seems hunting can be a year round task, which is a good thing if you ask me!  It kind of reminds me of my football days in college.  Many think that you just play during the season and come back next year at about the same time of year and play again, but its oooh so different when you?re inside the system.  There was always something to do, film to watch, weights to lift, miles to run, practices to attend, meetings etc.  Of course we only did that kind of stuff because we wanted to be successful.  So I?ll draw the same analogy to hunting.  We work hard in the off season running soil samples, clearing woods, and planting food plots in hopes of being successful.  Optimistically we?ll be able to get some good deer walking around these food plots to share with you via photo or video.  And as our coach would tell us, what you do in the off-season will directly affect what happens during the regular season. 

WeHuntSC.com - Preparing to Seed   

With that said, what exactly do we need to do to prepare to put seed down?  Well, there?s really not that much that needs to take place.  We should already have our soil samples analyzed, lime down, and the soil should be ready to be seeded.  As you can see in the pictures of this blog, we?ve cut the field again to knock down some of the previous year?s growth mixed with some volunteer plants that have come up.  We should be ready to seed.

Just before we plant our seed we will broadcast the recommended rate of fertilizer and light disc & drag it into the soil. In doing so, we will reduce the chance of the fertilizer burning the new seedlings after they germinate. Now we are ready to plant our seed. In the larger areas where we?ll be planting, we?ll use a tractor to broadcast the seed. For the remote food plot area, where we used the GroundHog Max, we?ll spread seed with a spreader and an ATV/4-wheeler. 

From my perspective, I?m excited (and a little nervous) to see what?s going to happen with all of this.  I don?t think I?ve ever actually planted something like this in my life.  We?ve had something similar to a garden at my house before, but for me this is a different adventure.  Remember, I?m a web guy and my farming skills are little at best.  I?m eager to see what will happen and to see if we can get some deer out of these locations.  Even if we don?t harvest any of the deer though, at least I?ll know that the deer are eating something that will help them be healthier and help them reach their potential when they get to be mature bucks.

More to come at the seeding!



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