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The Carolina Raptor Center
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  Carolina Raptor Center
Have you ever heard of the Carolina Raptor Center?  Many people don?t know it exists.  If you?re in the up-state of SC, you?re probably more likely to know about it than the people in low-state SC.  The reason you may be more apt to know is because The Carolina Raptor Center is located in Huntersville, NC.  It?s just across the NC line up interstate 77 a little ways.    If you?re into birds of prey,  or want to visit a neat place, or just want to take your kids on an interesting trip, you should give this place a chance.  The Raptor Center hosts weekly presentations and programs and gives a monthly tour of the Raptor Rehabilitation Center.
Today a representative from the Raptor Center was speaking about the Raptor Center and two particular owls (one of which he was holding) at the Mecklenburg County Government Center.  I was able to get close enough to get some decent video and to be able to hear the guy talk about the owl he was holding.  He was full of information and even said that owls eat skunks.  I wasn?t aware of that, but hate to imagine the thought!  Anyway, here?s the video clip below.

I wasn?t able to stay long so I don?t really have an in depth write up on this one, but just wanted to let you all know that this place is out there in case you or your kids may be interested in birds of prey.  Their web site details rescue missions they?ve been on and you can sign up to volunteer, adopt-a-bird, and much more.  Check it out here: www.carolinaraptorcenter.org/index.php 

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