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Blake Hodge?s ?Carolina Style? Wear Now Available
We?re all excited to announce that one of our WeHuntSC.com brothers, Blake Hodge, has released a clothing line with some really neat outdoor apparel.

See the first line of designs that Blake has released below:
Carolina Style by Blake Hodge
Carolina Style by Blake Hodge
Carolina Style by Blake Hodge
Carolina Style by Blake Hodge
Carolina Style by Blake Hodge
Carolina Style Apparel is now available at the following locations:
  • Chesterfield Feed & Seed
  • Lancaster Pawn & Jewelry
  • Schofield?s Hardware in Florence
  • Angler Sporting Goods in Moncks Corner
A big congratulations to Blake for venturing out into the entrepreneurial world and creating some really neat designs.

The Brow Tine Buck

 The Brow Tine Buck 7pt. 187#  

If you read my blog "Shed Crazy" you would have seen a shed that we found this past year of a buck that we later named the Brow Tine Buck.  This deer had unusually long brow tines that measured approximately 9 inches.  For that reason, this deer was on the top of the hit list for the 2011 season.  Fast forward to October 29th.

When the alarm clock sounded at 5:30 a.m. on October 29th the sound of rain was tapping steady on the window by my bed.  Without much thought I quickly turned it off and drifted back into oblivion.  What only seemed like a minute later, alarm number two sounded off on my Timex Ironman watch.  It was now 6:30 a.m.  As I lay there for a few seconds a couple thoughts drifted through my mind.  The first was the rain and the second was the rut.  After a few more seconds went by I figured that I better get up and check the weather.  After checking weatherchannel.com and taking a peek outside I decided that my thoughts of the rut outweighed the rain that seemed to be on its way out of town.  It was time to go hunting.

One thing I've enjoyed about this season has been using the Mckenzie Scent Fan Duffle.  It has allowed me to store all of my gear in one spot and has kept my Crossover Camo suit ready at a moments notice.  Because I was running a little behind on this morning it was important that I have all of my gear ready to go in order to get ready quicker and get in the stand faster.  Did I mention that it's nice not to have to worry about cover scents.  The bag takes care of all that for me.  There's nothing like a good mixture of fresh earth and pine. 

As I made my way to my stand I thought that with the storm moving out the deer should be on the move.  I had a good wind as I walked in and I had a good feeling about the hunt.  Since I was late walking in I didn't have to sit long before the sky started to lighten up.  At about 7:30 a.m. I caught a glimpse of a deer moving through the cotton field.  I quickly turned to get my rifle ready.  The first deer was a doe.  I knew this could get good quick.  The doe was moving at a steady pace through the field so I scanned back across the field and there he was.  My first thought was what the heck is that.  I immediately knew the deer had a big body, but his rack was very unusual.  As the deer moved through the field I knew my window was closing fast.  I had to make a decision quick.  The deer then stopped and looked my direction.  That's when it hit me.  This was the Brow Tine Buck.  I quickly clicked off the safety and put the crosshairs behind his shoulder.  A loud crack and the buck jolted out of sight.  I couldn't see him crash but I could tell he didn't go too far.  What a feeling!  The Brow Tine Buck was down! 

As I sat in my stand after making the shot I thought to myself this must be the Year of the Brow Tine.  First we found his shed antler in March.  Then I picked up an awesome knife from CRKT.  Coincidently the knife is called the Kommer "Brow Tine".  And then it all comes together on October 29th with the "Brow Tine Buck" on the ground.  Awesome! 

The buck was definitely a good one to get out of the herd.  He ended up being a 187 # 7 point and a trophy in my book.  This year his brow tines measured close to 12 inches.  Crazy is all I can say!

Due to the rain I left my video camera at the house, but once the buck was on the ground a made the quick trip back to the house and got the camera.  Check out some of the footage.


Goose Hunting with the Wrecking Crew - Early Season
Wrecking Crew
Team WC with 19! 

This September weather has been brutaly hot and really tested our endurance and love for the sport. Though, with plenty of crackers, gatorade, and bug spray, we've managed to do pretty good this season. We were able to get some more youth interested in the sport of waterfowl hunting while having their parents spending more time in sporting good stores, purchasing their needs, and some of their wants! We worked with them in the field, discussing firearm safety, decoy placement, conservation, and of course "calling". As we always say, youth are our future!  

We hunted lakes, grain fields, and pastures/ponds this year with pretty good success and utilized these type of decoys: shells, full bodies, and floaters. When field hunting, we used "layout blinds" to stay hidden, especially while trying to video.
I would like to thank everyone who hunted with us, and look forward to "getting down", and doing some more "Wrecking"!
I would also, like to thank our continued sponsors, Drake Waterfowl, Winntuck Waterfowl Lanyards, and Decoy Outdoors.
Below is a video showing our team in action: Wrecking Crew early season episode 1. 
I hope everyone enjoys it and is looking forward to colder weather, with wings committed.
Good Hunting

One Pond With A Million Memories
Bass on a Spiderman rod!  

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for fishing.  This passion was instilled in me by my Dad who got me involved in the sport at a very early age.  I was lucky to have a small pond located on the family farm.  I can only imagine the number of times that I cast a line across that pond. Millions of memories fill my head of those days.  Let me see if I can paint a picture with words of just a few of them.

The sun peeked over the horizon and transformed my bedroom walls from baby blue to bright orange.  The chirping of the robins in the yard signaled that the days were getting longer and warmer.  One deep breath of the spring morning air and I was up and at 'em.  The one thing on my mind was getting Dad's shovel and finding a few worms to dangle in the small pond that sat within view of my bedroom window.  When I think of fishing, I often think of those mornings of spring fishing fever.

Dad always found time to take me on an adventure to the family pond.  In my younger days, Dad and I would grab the cane poles and dig a few worms from the pasture behind the house.   Then we would set off for an hour or two of fishing.  The trek to the pond was an adventure in itself.  A long winding trail sliced through a thick forest of oaks and pines.  One day that is etched into my memory is a day in which I persuaded Dad to let me ride on his shoulders.  We headed down the path humming a tune that Dad made up and singing a song from the "Wizard of Oz"..Lions, Tigers, and Bears 'Oh My'.  Well, lets just say at about the time my Dad said "Bears", a snake decided to show his head on the trail.  I think my Dad hit mach two and lost his shoes.  I'm not sure how I stayed on his shoulders.  I never cross that spot on the trail without thinking of that day.

My fishing memories of that pond are endless.  These memories include the early years of chasing tadpoles and minnows to more recently watching my son catch his first fish.  I used to pretend to be Hank Parker.  I would set up a scenario which put me a fish down with only a few minutes remaining in the Bassmasters Classic.  I seemed to always find a way to catch that fish.  Whether it took me a few hours or not.  As I got older, I would always try out new baits in the pond.  I can remember catching two bass with one cast on a new rattletrap.  I was amazed.  I learned to throw a baitcaster, tie different knots, site fish, fish topwater baits, fish the carolina rig, and on and on and on.

As I look back on those memories, I understand now the impact that being outside and with my Dad had in my life.  Now that I'm a Dad, I try to strive to teach my son those same things.  Take a kid fishing because maybe that one memory will turn into a million.

Below is a video of my son catching a bass out of the pond I grew up fishing.  Do you have a favorite spot that fills your head with memories? 


South Carolina Pond Fishing


This is a video of a few bass we caught several weeks ago at a pond in Chester.  I'll provide a little breifing on the day but I'll keep it short and let the video speak for itself.  A few friends and I decided to give the kayaks another try at this pond a few weeks ago.  If you read my blog Kayaking for Lunkers you know that we landed a few big bass out of this pond back in March.  Back in March the fishing was slow but the fish were big.  On this day the fishing had picked up but most of the fish that we caught were what I like to refer as crumb-snatchers.  We did manage to pull in a nice three pounder though.  Check out the video!  It was a beautiful morning and I was glad I got to spend it fishing with great friends.  Hope you enjoy.

The South Carolina Deer Hunting Message Board is Getting Heated Up
  WeHuntSC.com - SC Deer Hunting Message Board

The air is getting a little cooler, football season is in full swing, and deer hunting season is upon us.  If you?re like me you can smell the seasons changing to fall in the air? and it just does something to you.  Sensing the temperature starting to drop and smelling the grass of the football field just makes me feel good inside!  

Others are sensing it and ?getting the itch? (at least the hunting part) too!  This can be noted as the activity on the message board is picking up.  I imagine we?ll get some good conversations on the board this fall as well as some good pics/videos posted to the site.  I look forward to seeing what everyone brings to the site this season!

Maybe we should give a prize for the first user to 300 posts or something? if we do, you boys would have to catch up to Hoot because I think he?s currently in the lead!

Remember: If you?re posting a pic in the competitions PUT THE DATE IN THE PIC!




Carolina Adventure World Partners With WeHuntSC.com to Sponsor Competitions
   WeHuntSC.com - Carolina Adventure World Sign
  The sign in front of C.A.W.

We are excited to announce that Carolina Adventure World is partnering with WeHuntSC.com to sponsor all 5 competitions this hunting season.  Carolina Adventure World is an outdoor park located in Winnsboro, SC and is a must see facility for ATV, dirt-bike, and camping enthusiasts.  See the Carolina Adventure World review blog entry for more details about the facility.

With regards to the contests, Carolina Adventure World is giving away 2 free day passes + a free Carolina Adventure World hat for each competition winner.  After visiting the park, I can tell you that this is part of the prize package that you will definitely appreciate.  A BIG thanks to Carolina Adventure World for partnering with us this year on the competitions.

And the competition prize packages just keep getting better?

Here's the video again



Review: Carolina Adventure World
  WeHuntSC.com - Carolina Adventure World Sign  
  The sign in front of Carolina Adventure World

Have you ever heard about Carolina Adventure World? If you haven?t, then you?re missing out?especially if you?re into ATV?s, dirt bikes, or any type of off-roading.  I had previously heard of how awesome Carolina Adventure World was from some of my friends, but had never actually been to the facility.  I was finally able to check it out and the place truly is awesome!  After visiting the site, I now understand why my friends raved so much about it.

Carolina Adventure World is located in Winnsboro, SC so no matter where you may be in the state, it?s not a bad drive.  I headed down from Rock Hill and it was a really easy drive straight down 77.  It only took me about 45 minutes to get there.  You take one turn off the exit and 2 miles later the next turn is into the huge gates out in front of the park.  When I saw the front gate, I could easily tell that the park was a nice size operation.  You know how an entrance kind of signals the scale of the development that you?re entering...it was the same way with this facility.  The entrance had a big gate and 2 huge signs that can easily be seen from the road.  If you?re on the right road, you don?t have to worry about missing the place because there?s no way you could ride by it with the entrance.

WeHuntSC.com - The rentals building  
Inside the rentals building  
I met with Jim Floyd of Carolina Adventure World at the front office and we set out to look at and tour the facility.  When you arrive there is a good-sized hill that you ride up at the entrance and upon reaching the top you look down onto the park where you can see the Welcome Center along with a view of some of the park?s land.  It?s a nice, panoramic, picturesque scene viewing the topography of the land, the entrance to the trails, the parking lot, and the Welcome Center all from the same vantage point.

As we descended down the hill Jim took me to the storage and maintenance buildings where we picked up our ride for the day.  While we were back there I saw a huge building where they keep a lot of their rental ATV?s, dirt bikes, helmets, shin guards, boots, and other gear.  In case you?re interested, Carolina Adventure World rents Yamaha Rhino Side by Sides, Yamaha Grizzly ATVs and Honda Dirt Bikes.  The building where they store their rides was a nice and clean facility. 

  WeHuntSC.com - The maintenance crew working on an ATV
  The maintenance crew working on an ATV

Just next door the guys were working on a 4-wheeler that had something wrong with it.  Jim mentioned to me that Carolina Adventure World offers assistance with repairs to any visitors that happen to have a problem with their ATV while they?re at the park and that CAW can also stow ATV?s should visitors desire to leave them there for a while.  So, if you?d like, you can store your machines at CAW between visits and they can have it cleaned, gassed, and ready to ride and waiting on you!  CAW has staff on hand that can also provide any repairs or service needed before you return to the park.

WeHuntSC.com - Me beside the Razor   
Me and the Razor  

After talking with the guys at the shop for a minute we got our ride for the day, a really neat vehicle called a ?Razor?.  We then headed back to the main entrance and to the Welcome Center.  We stopped at the Welcome Center to check it out and it is first class.  It was very clean and had anything you could possibly want if you were looking to ride, eat, or even shop for clothes!  The Welcome Center serves multiple purposes to Carolina Adventure World visitors.   The Welcome Center is where you get started at the park.  You purchase your passes there, find information about the trails, buy anything from food, to coke, to wenches, goggles, vinyl stickers, t-shirts, to hats, and on and on.  They also have large bathrooms in the back and a big kitchen.  The Welcome Center has an open-aired wraparound porch feel too it where rocking chairs and ATV?s that can be rented are located. 

Beside the Welcome Center is a shower room where you can go and get washed up after riding if you?d like.  We weren?t riding too fast or for too long and I still got pretty muddy and was tempted to go in there, but didn?t!  The wash room is definitely a good resource to have on location, but its primary use is for visitors who come to stay the whole weekend.  Carolina Adventure World is RV & Camper friendly and encourages families and/or groups to come up and stay for multiple days.  The park is structured so that RV?s and Campers both can have access and they provide electricity, water, and an on-site dumping station for those wishing to come and call the park home for a few days.   I was pretty impressed with that.   And if you don?t own an RV?Carolina Adventure World has RV Campers for rent that sleep up to eight people.  If you?re interested in that, be sure to call early to make reservations as they book the RV?s early for weekends.  

   WeHuntSC.com- Riders at the Park
  Riders at the Park

Across from the Welcome center is a huge parking lot where visitors park and unload their ATV?s and dirt-bikes.  If you?re like me and are not good at driving a trailer you don?t have to worry because the parking lot is plenty big enough and makes it?s easy to make wide turns.  The Welcome Center is also just up the hill from the main mud bog.

The mud bog is just past the Welcome Center to the left and appears to be the location of where a lot of fun takes place.  Though, Jim mentioned to me that most ATVs that get in the mud bog are equipped with snorkels and gear ready to be submerged beneath the water.  The mud bog has a small section of bleachers beside it and is oval-shaped with an island of land in the middle of it.  The island has some lights on it so I assume you can ride through the mud at night there as well.  Beside that mud bog is another mud bog on a lower level that is similar except it doesn?t have an island of land in the middle.  The first mud bog leads to the next mud bog in a stair-step-like manner with regards to the lay of the land.  Beside the mud bogs is the much needed wash-off area.  It?s kind of like a car-wash, but for ATV?s.  The area has pressurized water hoses that can give you the necessary PSI to get the mud off.

After passing all this we continued down to the dirt-drag-strip which was really neat as well.  The strip is fit with the digital clock that shows accurate times and the starting line had starter lights too.  We pulled right up to the track and gave it a whirl.  Jim noted that the track was a little muddy due to all the recent rain, but that normally it?s pretty solid and you can get a better grip which gives more speed and better times.  It?s very similar to a regular drag-strip, but is just on dirt and is smaller and shorter.  I believe Jim said the track is around 300 feet long.

WeHuntSC.com - A mother and daughter riding through the park

A mother and daughter riding through the park

After we checked that out we went riding a little further around the facility and started riding on the trails.  Not too long after we were down a trail some huge bull dozers, backhoes and large machinery came into vision.  Jim informed me that Carolina Adventure World crushes rock on site to help with the maintenance of the trails.  They pack the rock on the trails where erosion occurs and sometimes use it to elevate trails when necessary.  I was impressed with the level of commitment to the on-going maintenance of the facility. 

WeHuntSC.com - A place to get muddy   
A place to get muddy  
It didn?t take long after riding the trails that I noticed the marking of each trail.  Every trail is outlined in a map that is available at the Welcome Center.  The map informs riders of how to approach and safely ride the trails.  The trails are marked as either ?one-way? or ?two-way? trails to help ensure safety for riders.  Also, the trails are color coded with different colors denoting different levels of difficulty for riding.  We rode so long that we were about 4 miles deep in the woods and I couldn?t have found my way back if I had to.  I can see how it would be easy to get lost out there so I would encourage anyone to carry the map with them when riding.  Along those lines of safety, one thing that I thought was a plus was that the park has ?Rangers? present on weekends.  As a safety measure Carolina Adventure World provides ?Rangers? who ride throughout the park to ensure that riders are riding safely.  This gave me a little piece of mind when riding the trails and I?m sure it would do the same for you.  Also, all riders must wear helmets when riding on the course?no exceptions.

Along the way of the miles and miles of trails we crossed a nice wooden bridge that ran over Big Wateree Creek which is like a small river.  We also saw many mud holes that were primed and ready to be ridden through, and we scaled a lot of steep hills and slopes.  You may think that SC is all flat, but I?m here to tell you that this place has some major hills and rugged terrain.  You can literally find any kind of riding trail that you can imagine there.  We rode all the way to the back and ended up at a really swampy looking pond.  It was nice looking and when we rode up to it about 7 wood ducks flew off.  I imagine that the duck hunters would love to have been in this swampy area.

  WeHuntSC.com - The Mud Bog at Carolina Adventure World
  One of The Mud Bogs

After riding on a few of the trails and service roads some more, we headed back up to the front of the facility.  By this time I had a good bit of mud on me and had taken 151 pictures and 52 videos and both cameras had mud on them as well.  I was worried if the footage would make it out alive, but everything came out just fine. 

Other bits of information that may be interesting to you is that Carolina Adventure World holds several competitions and events throughout the year.  From mud bogging competitions, to events for hunters, and even organizational retreats and dinners, CAW is in the mix in a lot of ways.

Jim noted that Carolina Adventure World holds several Championship Mud Bog Races throughout the year.  See www.ChampionshipMudRacing.com for more info on that.  Along with hosting the championship races CAW has held the Brian Fisher Weekend Event several times, has rides where they?re open until midnight, bon fires, and even a poker run. 

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone interested in 4-wheelers, ATV?s, dirt bikes, mud bogging, or off-roading.  The scale of the operation is huge, there are tons of trails (2,500 acres to be exact), safety measures have been taken, they have on-site repairs and rentals, and everything you need is at the Welcome Center.  If you?re into the outdoors and off-roading, then you won?t regret giving Carolina Adventure World a chance.  While we were there we saw people from multiple states and some were there with their families enjoying the park.  If you do go out and see the facility and ride, let me know what you think about it.  I?m not aware of anything else like it in the area.  Much like True Timber Camo, this place is a hidden gem right here in our own back yard.

Below is a video I made of the day at Carolina Adventure World

For more information you can stay tuned to CarolinaAdventureWorld.com for details of upcoming events.  Should you want to be ?in the loop? all the time, CAW also sends out an E-Newsletter with details of upcoming events that you can register to receive.  Still planned for the rest of this year is a Big Labor Day Weekend Ride, another Poker Run, the famous Red Neck Nationals and the year?s final Championship Mud Racings Event to determine the CMR?s End of Year $18,000 payouts!  I didn?t know you could make that much money slinging mud!  Maybe that can be my second career :)




The Carolina Raptor Center
  WeHuntSC.com - The Carolina Raptor Center Logo
  Carolina Raptor Center
Have you ever heard of the Carolina Raptor Center?  Many people don?t know it exists.  If you?re in the up-state of SC, you?re probably more likely to know about it than the people in low-state SC.  The reason you may be more apt to know is because The Carolina Raptor Center is located in Huntersville, NC.  It?s just across the NC line up interstate 77 a little ways.    If you?re into birds of prey,  or want to visit a neat place, or just want to take your kids on an interesting trip, you should give this place a chance.  The Raptor Center hosts weekly presentations and programs and gives a monthly tour of the Raptor Rehabilitation Center.
Today a representative from the Raptor Center was speaking about the Raptor Center and two particular owls (one of which he was holding) at the Mecklenburg County Government Center.  I was able to get close enough to get some decent video and to be able to hear the guy talk about the owl he was holding.  He was full of information and even said that owls eat skunks.  I wasn?t aware of that, but hate to imagine the thought!  Anyway, here?s the video clip below.

I wasn?t able to stay long so I don?t really have an in depth write up on this one, but just wanted to let you all know that this place is out there in case you or your kids may be interested in birds of prey.  Their web site details rescue missions they?ve been on and you can sign up to volunteer, adopt-a-bird, and much more.  Check it out here: www.carolinaraptorcenter.org/index.php 

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