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Where are my fellow Duck Hunters

Somewhere out there around the state there are some duck hunters getting prepared for this weekend!  Yeah that?s right, you all know who you are.  Make sure your waiters aren?t leaking and the reeds in your duck calls aren?t broken because the clock is ticking!

While I?m no pro at duck hunting, I do enjoy getting out in a swamp and watching the ducks fly in.  There?s just something neat about it, just like there is something neat about watching deer come through the woods? you just have to have more licenses/stamps to hunt them legally, thus incurring more expenses!

It has been a while since I?ve gone duck hunting, but I?m excited to get back out there.  When I was growing up we would go duck hunting in the morning before school.  There were days when we would go hunting with our English teacher and at 6:45 we were chasing ducks for him and then at 8:45 we were taking his tests!  It was quite the contrast and Justin Brooks and I have been known to get a truck ?stuck? in a swamp and show up late to school.  Those were the good ole? days though. 

So if you are a duck hunter, then speak it up on the site, message board, & post your images to the ?Post Your Visuals? page.  I/we are interested to see what you?ve got going on and any bands that you collect.  We are also thinking about having a duck calling competition on the site.  If you think that is a good idea, let us know.  If you are the ?Duck Commander? of South Carolina then prove it to us. 

This coming weekend I will be guided by the self-proclaimed legendary duck hunter Marty Smith along with his son Josh.  Marty has informed me that we may even get into some geese.  Hopefully we?ll get some decent images to show you.  We shall see and my future blog posts will tell the truth of what goes on!



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