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2009 Deer Hunting Competitions Winding Down
We?ve got some pretty good deer in our online competitions for this hunting season.  Those guys (and gals) from South Carolina are coming across some nice deer!  If you think you?ve got a good buck and a good picture, then be sure to post it into one of our competitions before January 1st!  Winners of the competitions will receive:
  • A $50 gift certificate to Bass Pro Shops
  • A case of Wildlife Energy Drinks
  • A Thermacell with a carrying case
  • A Vinyl WeHuntSC.com sticker for your car/truck
I know some of you have been holding back because you think your deer isn?t the biggest on the page, but keep in mind that the biggest on the page doesn?t mean they will necessarily win!  We?re judging according to many factors, one of which is the quality of the picture!  So submit your photos regardless of if your deer is the ?biggest? on the page or not!

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