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2011 South Carolina Deer Competition Winners Announced
It was another great hunting season and we saw some really good deer & photos posted to the site. Thanks again to all who participated. I really enjoyed seeing the entries come in this year.
Let?s cut to the chase? 

WeHuntSC.com - The 2011 Buck of the Year Competition Winner  
The results of the 2011 GroundHog MAX Buck of the Year competition were:

WeHuntSC.com - 2011 Buck of the Year Competition Results


WeHuntSC.com - 2011 Archery Buck of the Year Competition
The results for the 2011 Muzzy Archery Buck of the Year Competition were:
WeHuntSC.com - 2011 Archery Buck of the Year Competition Results

Blake Hodge won our McKenzie Scent Fan Bag Youth Buck Competition by default! Congrats Blake!
WeHuntSC.com - 2011 Youth Buck Competition Winner Blake Hodge

The results for the 2011 CrossOver Camo Game Camera Photo Comeptition were
WeHuntSC.com - 2011 Game Camera Competition Results
WeHuntSC.com - 2011 Game Camera Competition Winner - Berkeely County Buck

If you were selected as a winner please email me ( [email protected]) ASAP as I'd like to get you your prizes soon!


2011 Deer Competition Finalists Announced

Another deer hunting season has come and gone and now it?s time to vote this year?s deer competition winners. Thanks to everyone who participated and posted pictures. Keep in mind that the 5 finalists are selected by a committee and only pictures that had the date in them were considered. The selections were based on the biggest deer, best picture combination.  Now the winners will be determined by your votes.

The finalists for the GroundHog MAX Buck of the Year Competition were:
WeHuntSC.com - Ryan McLemore  WeHuntSC.com - Steve
WeHuntSC.com - Dipstick  WeHuntSC.com - Leslie Mills
WeHuntSC.com - Jimmy
The finalists for the Muzzy Archery Buck of the Year Competition were:
WeHuntSC.com - Ben Sullivan  WeHuntSC.com - Dale Knight
WeHuntSC.com - Michael Mills
WeHuntSC.com - Berkeley County Buck  WeHuntSC.com - Huge 8
WeHuntSC.com - Tall 10 point  WeHuntSC.com - Backyard Bucks
WeHuntSC.com - Pageland Swampdonkey
And Blake Hodge has won the McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag Youth Buck Competition by default as he was the only youth hunter to post a picture of a buck with the date in it to the youth page. Congratulations Blake!
WeHuntSC.com - Youth Competition Winner Blake Hodge

Be sure to venture to the VOTING PAGE in order to cast your vote for this year?s winners.

2011 Deer Competitions Announced
    WeHuntSC.com - Last year's Big Buck Winner Brantley Barfield
  Last year's Big Buck Winner Brantley Barfield
Thanks again to the contributions of some great sponsors we?ll be hosting 4 competitions this year on the site. We?re going to host the following competitions:
  1. Big Buck of the Year Competition
  2. Archery Buck of the Year Competition
  3. Youth Buck of the Year Competition
  4. Game Camera Competition ( The game Camera Competition is already accepting entries)
The winners of these competitions are going to receive some great prize packages again this year.  To see what each competition winner will receive, just go to the competition page and read the prize package list.  We hope to be adding a few additional prizes to the list in the next few weeks as well.  
REMEMBER TO PUT THE DATE IN THE PICTURE in order to be eligible to win!  Take plenty of pics in case one of them comes out blurry and be sure the date is readable. 
Following the same pattern as we did last year, we?re going to narrow the entries down to the top 5 photos and then let the site audience vote for the winners.  Voting will be live for 3 days and then we?ll announce the winners and give out the prizes.
We look forward to seeing what gets posted in the competitions!

2011 SC Turkey Competition Winners Receive Prizes

I recently met our 2011 Montana Decoy Turkey Competition winners to give them their prizes.  As you are most likely aware, our site audience voted and Mark and William emerged as our winners.  After the announcement we had to schedule and coordinate a meeting place to deliver the prizes.  Since Mark and William hail from areas distant from each other we had to line it up for different days and it even was raining as Mark received his prizes.  Nevertheless we still got it done, but we didn?t shoot much video? just pictures. It was definitely a good day for William Babb and Mark Cody when we met and they were all smiles as I got the prizes out of my car.

Below are the pictures and videos from the winners receiving their prizes.


Below is a video of the winners receiving their prizes


Thanks again to our sponsors and to everyone for participating in our 2011 Turkey Competitions! Without our sponsors and participants none of this would have been possible!



2011 SC Turkey Competition Winners

I just returned from a weeklong trip (where I didn?t have much connectivity) and one of the things I was interested in seeing when I returned home were the results from our 2011 SC Turkey Competitions. When I looked at our site metrics and checked the results from the competitions I saw a big surge from one city which correlated with a ton of votes for one of our entries in the Montana Decoy 2011 SC Turkey of the Year Competition!  Then in our Montana Decoy Youth Turkey of the Year Competition we ended up having a pretty close finish.

So without making you read a long entry I?ll get to it!  Our winner of the 2011 Montana Decoy Turkey of the Year Competition is Mark Cody from Chester SC! Mark obviously had some loyal voters because he won by a landslide with 458 votes with the nearest competitor only having 30.  We saw big traffic spikes out of certain cities where Mark received votes.

WeHuntSC.com - Mark Cody - Winner of the 2011 Montana Decoy Turkey Competition

Then in our 2011 Montana Decoy Youth Turkey of the Year Competition William Babb edged out Alex Carnes in a close race.  William received 60 votes and Alex received 42.  William hails from Marlboro County and the bird he won the competition with was the first gobbler he?s called up and harvested by himself.

WeHuntSC.com - William Babb - 2011 Montana Decoy Youth Turkey Competition Winner

Thanks to everyone for entering this year?s competitions. Without your entries and participation we wouldn?t be able to host these competitions on the site.  And congratulations to Mark and William!  

Now we?ve got to deliver the prizes to Mark and William so? when you read this?send me an email (clint.patterson(at)WeHuntSC.com) and we?ll work out the details!

See the results of the competitions




2011 Turkey Competitions Announced!
    WeHuntSC.com - The Montana Decoy
  Montana Decoy's "Mr. T" turkey decoy
The key to winning these competitions is to take a good bird and then to take a good picture!  Be sure to read the ?photo tips? on the competition pages.  To enter the competition you must be a registered member of the site and you must HAVE THE DATE IN THE PHOTO.  Ya?ll know how we do it by now so the same rules will apply.  The competition starts tomorrow (March 15th) and will run through May 1st.  We will narrow the pics down to the top 5 and then the site audience will vote on the winner starting on May 3rd.
Whoever wins these competitions will be really pleased with these prize packages because they are nice so go the extra mile to take a good pic! 
If you have any more questions, just shoot me an email?

2010 SC Deer Competition Winners

*If you are one of the competition winners we will contact you via email soon!

You voted and now here are your winners:

WeHuntSC.com - GroundHog MAX Buck of the Year Competition Winner: Brantley WeHuntSC.com - Muzzy Archery Competition Winner: Spitfire100 WeHuntSC.com - True Timber Youth Competition Winner: Kyle Sutton
Buck of the Year Winner: Brantley Archery Competition Winner: Spitfire100 Youth Competition Winner: Kyle Sutton


WeHuntSC.com - McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle Women's Buck of the Year Competition Winner: Heather Clarkson WeHuntSC.com - True Timber Doe Competition Winner: Eddie Ramzie
Women's Buck of the Year Winner: Heather Clarkson Doe Competition Winner: Eddie Ramzie

In a couple of days we?ll have some happy hunters in South Carolina when we deliver the competition winners their prizes!  I?ll take some pics/videos and will post a blog about the prize delivery too! If you?re interested in seeing the results of the voting, go back to the vote page to see the results.

Thanks again to all who participated and to our many sponsors who have donated the prizes for our competition winners. 

Be sure to tune in early next season to get the updated rules for next year?s competitions!




Wac?em Archery Products to Sponsor 2010 Deer Hunting Competitions
   WeHuntSC.com - Wac'em Archery Seatpacks
  Wac'em Archery Seatpacks

We?re excited to announce that Wac?em Archery Products is getting on board to sponsor the 2010 WeHuntSC.com Deer Competitions.  Wac?Em Archery products is based out of Utah and has donated 4 packs of 100 grain broad heads + 2 vertical seatpacks to the competition winners.  I?m sitting here looking at these broad heads and seat packs and I know that all you bow hunters are going to love some Wac?em Archery products. 

A little bit about Wac?em broadheads from the Wac?em Archery Products web site (www.WacemArchery.com) ?The flight of the Triton is like no other fixed blade broadhead; it truly is unbelievable. With its cut on impact head, just the right cutting diameter, and no mechanical blades to deflect, the Triton is at the head of its class in every penetration test available. The Triton, with its resharpenable head and replaceable blades, is in a class by itself. And it definitely has the ?look.?

WeHuntSC.com - Wac'em Archery Products - Broadheads

Also, the vertical seatpacks are really neat.  If you ever have an issue with stowing your bow in your vehicle, then look no further because these seatpacks can solve your problem.  You simply strap these around the seats of your vehicle and store your bow right up next to the backside of the seat.

A big thanks to Wac?em Archery Products for working with us to offer the hunters of South Carolina some really great prize packages.  If you?d like more info on Wac?em Archery Products just venture on over to www.WacemArchery.com.



Founders FCU Donates Hats to 2010 Deer Hunting Competitions

WeHuntSC.com - Founders Federal Credit Union Logo


We?re excited that Founders Federal Credit Union is donating a camo Founders hat for each competition winner for our 2010 deer hunting competitions.  If you?re like me, you can never have too many hats and I can tell you that these Founders hats are quality hats and some winner will be glad to win one. 

As you probably know, Founders is a reputable, South Carolina based, Credit Union that has roots in the Fort Mill area.  We?re glad to have any sponsors, but we especially like to help promote SC based organizations.  So we?d like to give a big thanks to Founders for donating hats to this year?s competition winners.

If you?re looking for a solid Credit Union that?s got great customer service, then go to Founders and open an account?and if you?re wondering?yes, I have a Founders account!




2010 Deer Hunting Competitions Announced

* I will continue to update this blog entry and the competition pages as more sponsors become involved.  So keep checking the list because the prize packages will continue to get better.

We?re pumped up to see what everyone around the state will be seeing and harvesting this coming hunting season.  As usual, we are hosting a couple competitions on the site and hunters from all over the state will compete to win prize packages and we?ve got some really good prizes to give away!  This year we have removed a competition and added 2 new ones to the mix.  You should also notice the rules for the competitions before posting any images because we are changing how the competitions work a little.

The Rules and New Changes

  • Only registered users can post pictures ? Why do you have to register to post pics you ask?because we need your contact information in case you win.  You would think it?s easy to get in contact with a winner, but many submissions have been posted to the site without a contact email address.  By registering to the site, we?ll have your email address in our database.  Don?t worry, it?s free to register and we?re not going to spam your inbox.  Anyone can post pics/videos to the regular galleries, but only registered users can post in the competitions
  • Date has to be in the picture - Due to some pictures from previous hunting seasons being posted (and complaints about it), this year we are requiring that the date be written on something in the picture to validate when the deer was harvested.  Yes, this is a pain, but if you do it right and win it?s worth the minor inconvenience.  If you?re reading this blog and hope to have an entry, then stop right now and go find a black sharpie and put it in your hunting bag just in case.  Also, if you can think of a better way to go about validating when the deer was harvested just let me know.  Any entries submitted without the date in the photo will not be considered valid entries and therefore will not win.
  • Quality of photo is highly important ? Obviously we can?t verify the weight of your deer with 100 % accuracy or the legitimate number of points on the rack.  We must trust your word in this matter.  This is why we factor in the quality of the image into the competition because sometimes the truth gets stretched!  So if you shoot a 10 point, 170 lb buck and take a bad picture and someone else shoots a 10 point, 150 lb buck but has a better picture then the best picture will be selected before the deer with the higher weight.
    Tips for taking a quality pic
  • Voting ? This year we are going ?American Idol? style with it a little.  We are going to cut off all entries on Jan 1 and will narrow it down to 3 finalists for each competition.  I will post those 3 finalists here on the site on Jan 3.  We will open the top 3 contestants to online voting to let everyone else determine the winner.  We will let voting run for 7 days and then stop the voting on Jan 10 and announce the winners on Jan 11.  Prizes will be delivered shortly thereafter.

Again, see the rules for each competition before posting

The Competitions & Prizes









  1. GroundHog MAX Big Buck of the Year ? This competition is to see who bags the biggest buck in SC.  The winner will receive:
    1. A GroundHog MAX
    2. A McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag
    3. A True Timber Camo Hat & Vinyl Sticker
    4. A WeHuntSC.com Vinyl Sticker
  2. Muzzy Archery Buck of the Year ? This new competition will find out who drops the biggest buck in SC with a bow and arrow.  The winner will receive:
    1. A Muzzy Ex-celarator drop away arrow rest
    2. A Muzzy 6 pack 100 grain broad heads
    3. A McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag
    4. A True Timber Camo Hat & Vinyl Sticker
    5. A WeHuntSC.com Vinyl Sticker
  3. McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag Women?s Buck of the Year ?This competition will find South Carolina?s #1 deer hunting diva.  Ladies, need help removing perfume/lotion scent that that may reside on your hunting clothes?  Just win this competition and you won?t have to worry.  The winner will receive:
    1. A McKenzie Scent Fan Duggle Bag
    2. A True Timber Camo Hat & Vinyl Sticker
    3. A WeHuntSC.com vinyl sticker
  4. True Timber Youth Buck of the Year ? The True Timber Camo Youth Buck of the Year competition will highlight upcoming hunters from around the state and will see which youth can harvest the nicest buck.  This competition will receive:
    1. A True Timber Camo Ground Blind
    2. A True Timber Hat
    3. A McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag
  5. True Timber Doe Competition - The True Timber doe competition is a new competition that we?re hosting this year which is looking to find the biggest doe in South Carolina.  Not every hunter will have the chance to get a monster buck, but many hunters get good chances at harvesting a nice doe.  The competition winner will receive:
    1. A True Timber Camo Ground Blind
    2. A McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag

We look forward to seeing what happens around the state again this year! 

* If you?re an organization interested in being a sponsor and would like to get involved, see the Sponsor FAQ page.




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