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Thermacell Partners With WeHuntSC.com to Sponsor 3 of the 2010 Deer Hunting Competitions
    WeHuntSC.com - Thermacell prizes for this year's competition
  Some lucky hunter is going to win this + more

We?re excited to announce that Thermacell is partnering with us to sponsor 3 competitions this deer hunting season.  Thermacell is going to sponsor our Big Buck, Archery Big Buck, and Women?s Big Buck Competitions

The competition winners will receive:

  • A Real-tree Camo Thermacell Appliance
  • A holster for the unit
  • 3 butane refills

Thermacell is a product that most hunters won?t leave home without and Thermacell recently won an award because they make such quality products. Thermacell?s outdoor Lantern won Field & Stream?s ?Best of the Best? award in the miscellaneous hunting item category.  In our summer give-away, we gave out a couple of Thermacell Lanterns to registered members of the site and all the feedback that I?ve heard so far has been great about it.  It?s obviously making waves in the hunting community as Field & Stream?s ?Best of the Best? is a highly coveted award to win.  So congratulations to Thermacell for being selected.

If you still don?t know what a Thermacell is?let me sum it up for you by saying that it?s the best mosquito repellant out there.  See the below video to get an idea of how it works:


Thanks again to Thermacell for working with us to sponsor this year?s competitions.  I?m sure the winners will be very glad to win a Thermacell, a holster, and 3 refills as part of their prize package.



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