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Muzzy Partners With WeHuntSC.com to Sponsor Next Season?s Archery Buck of the Year Competition
    WeHuntSC.com - Muzzy.com Web Page
  Muzzy's web site www.Muzzy.com

We are excited to announce that Muzzy is partnering with WeHuntSC.com to sponsor next season?s Archery Buck of the Year Competition.  Last deer hunting season we wanted to have an archery contest on the site, but we were so young we didn?t have time to get it all together.  This season is different as Muzzy has stepped up to the line and provided some nice gifts that will be part of the winner?s prize package. 

About Muzzy
Muzzy is a Cartersville, Georgia based organization that specializes in broadheads.  Muzzy also makes other bow and arrow accessories as well as some hunting calls and cover scents.  Muzzy also sponsors several TV shows.  See the list of shows they sponsor.  Also, Muzzy?s web site (which for you web nerds was written in PHP) has a neat page called ?Muzzy Moments? where site visitors who have harvested a trophy animal with a Muzzy broadhead can submit their picture and information and have it featured in the ?Muzzy Moments? page. 

So for any of you who hunt with Muzzy arrows or broadheads, if you get a trophy, be sure to post your information on our site and theirs!  You may just get featured in both!



139th NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits to be held in Charlotte, NC May 14 ? 16
   WeHuntSC.com - NRA Annual Meetings in Charlotte NC, May 14-16, 2010
  A Screenshot of the NRA's web site

The National Rifle Association?s 139th Annual Meeting & Exhibits will be held in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina on May 14 ? 16th.   If you?re in the upstate of South Carolina it?s not that bad of a trip, but if you?re in other parts of the state, it?s worth the ride!  The events will be held at the Convention Center which is just a few blocks away from the Panther?s stadium.  (See Google Map to location).

I might add that if you are going to attend the convention, then you may want to stop in and check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame which is also a few blocks from the Convention Center.  It is brand new and is just now finishing construction.  It looks likeNRA members and guests get an exclusive visit.  I can tell you that it?s an impressive building and that they?ve been working on it for a good while now.  How do I know this, because I literally ride right by the building every day going into and out of work!  I?ve almost hit some of those construction workers as they dart across the road to get to the job site in the daunting Charlotte traffic.  That brings up another good point?if you?re going to come to the event, be ready for some one way roads that change names whenever they want to coupled with chaotic downtown traffic in Charlotte. 

The weekend looks like it?s packed with events such as member meetings, celebration forums, speeches from key note speakers Sean Hannity, and Speaker Newt Gingrich with special addresses by Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, Lt. Colonel Oliver North, and Ted Neugent is going to be on hand and will give a seminar.  There will also be a prayer breakfast where my old Liberty University chancellor?s son, Johnathan Falwell, will give the keynote address with music by Charles Billingsley, Joy Lippard, and the Children of the World choir.  If you?ve ever heard Charles Billingsley sing before then you know that he is the truth!  He sang when I was at Liberty and he was very good. 

And the list of events goes on and on with auctions, firearms seminars, tours, shooting and defense seminars, workshops, etc.

If you want to know more about the events of this weekend, just check out the event web site at http://www.nraam.org/index.html.



The Day I Learned How to Turkey Hunt
   WeHuntSC.com - Bruce Puette and the turkey he harvested on my first turkey hunt ever
  Mr. Pruette and a picture of his bird from our hunt

With turkey season opening up this past week I had been looking to go turkey hunting with someone because I?d never been before.  I?ve got a friend who?s big into turkey hunting in York, some friends who turkey hunt in Chesterfield, and some in Pageland, but for whatever reason I couldn?t get anything lined up.  I called up fellow Central High Football Coach Craig Hatcher and told him to put feelers out with some of his hunting buddies and see if he could line anything up.  Craig called me back a day later and said that he?d searched high and low and that it turned out that he could get me a turkey hunt with one of the best hunters around.  Bruce Puette is a great outdoorsmen and is also a teacher in Pageland.  He?s also taught in Cheraw and I?ve always heard stories about how good of an all around hunter he is.  My dad has told me on several occasions that Bruce knows his stuff when it comes to hunting?and after my first turkey hunt with Bruce, I have to agree.

I called Mr. Puette on Good Friday and we lined everything up for the hunt.  I asked him when and where he wanted me to meet him.  He told me to meet him at the Exxon gas station in Wallace, SC at 5:00 am!  If you?re not from South Carolina or if you?re from different areas of South Carolina, it takes about 40 minutes to drive to Wallace from Pageland.  Wallace is right across the county line and is located in Marlboro County.  The Pee Dee River (where we caught those catfish last weekend) is the county line.  Once you cross the bridge you have left Chesterfield County and are in the city of Wallace.  Anyway, to arrive at the Exxon station at 5:00 am, I would have to get up at 4:00 am.   When I talked to Mr. Puette on the phone I was just excited about lining the trip up and wasn?t really thinking about the timing.  After we hung up, I thought to myself that I would have to wake up at 4:00 am just to get there.  Bruce said he liked to get out there early which meant that I wasn?t going to get much sleep.  For some reason I just can?t go to sleep until late.  I usually end up online doing something and can?t get free until late.  I tried to go to bed early, but still couldn?t.  I went to sleep around 11:45 and rolled out at 4.  It wasn?t that bad initially. 

WeHuntSC.com - The 4 hours of sleep look   
The 4 hours of sleep look  

I drove down to Wallace in the truck and met Mr. Puette at the Exxon station.  We pulled up at the same time and got some drinks and then headed out.  We drove a few miles and ended up at one of his hunting locations.  I thought that it was a good sign that we saw 2 deer cross the road in front of us as we were driving to our hunting location.  We dropped our trucks off not too far from the gate and then started walking.  We walked in by the moonlight and Mr. Puette was telling me about his hunting land as we walked in.  It was a pretty long walk to our final destination.  Mr. Puette had come out the night before and watched where the turkeys went to roost and they had gone to roost behind where the ground-blind was set up. 

The area we were hunting backed into a swamp and he said that the turkey?s like to roost near the water because no bobcats or anything will mess with them when they?re over the water.  As I got situated in the blind, Mr. Pruette put out 2 decoys about 15 yards ahead of us to our right.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Puette came back in and we got situated in the blind. I backed my chair up into a corner of the blind.  We were there really early and it was still dark outside.  We just sat in the ground blind and talked for a while.  Mr. Puette was telling me that he had gotten up early that morning and read Jeremiah 33:3 which reads ?Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.?  We talked briefly about this verse and we talked about all kind of stuff.  It seems Mr. Puette woke up at 4:00 am too and was reading the bible while I was on my way. 

   WeHuntSC.com - The turkey had a lot of culculburs in him
  The turkey was covered in "culculburs"

As the sun started to come up we could see 3 deer way out in the field.  I tried to get them on camera, but the lighting was so bad that I couldn?t get them in focus + they were way out there.  As we talked in the ground blind, Mr. Puette told me that patience is what kills turkeys, not turkey calling.  He said ?Patience kills turkeys, not great calling?put that in your blog.?  He said that you don?t have to be a great caller to get turkeys to come in; you just have to be patient.  He said that his patience while hunting turkeys has made him more successful than his ability to call them in.  Though, from sitting in the blind with him, I?d say that he?s not too bad of a caller either.  Throughout our turkey hunt he used a slate call and a diaphragm call.

The light was starting to slowly shine through the trees and Mr. Puette started calling with the slate call.  Off in the distance we could hear turkeys responding back to his calls.  He would call a little, listen a little, call a little, and listen a little.  I would say that about 70% of the times he called there was some kind of response.  Slowly but surely, the sounds of the responding turkeys was getting closer and closer.  We initially heard these turkeys responding back to us around 7:30 am.  In time, the sounds got louder and closer and finally we spotted the first turkey that entered the field.  It came out to our right about 50 yards down the edge of the field and was headed straight to the middle of the field.  It was a hen and it seemed as if the decoys spooked it because it started a quick trot out to the field after it cleared the edge.  (In the video I say it was a Jake, but I was wrong?the first turkey was a hen) We couldn?t really understand why the decoys may have spooked the turkey, but we were still hearing more turkeys behind us on both sides.  Randomly we would hear gobbles coming from the right and the left. 

As we were situated in the blind, we were looking out of mainly 2 windows.  I had a window right beside me to my left and then there was one straight ahead of me that I could see out of.  There was also a window behind me, but I was backed into the corner and couldn?t really see out of it without turning completely around.  Though, Mr. Puette could see out of it easily. 

WeHuntSC.com - A turkey track in the dirt near where we were hunting   
There were tracks like this every where near the area we hunted  

We kept hearing calls and then 3 more turkeys entered the field from the same direction as the first one had.  This group was a group of Jakes (young males).  They did the same thing as the first turkey did?they kind of ran out to the middle of the field.  This was puzzling us.  Soon thereafter another Jake darted into the field following the first three.   We had 4 turkeys out in front of us and then we saw 2 more coming from way out down the left side of the field as well.  The sun was up by now and we could see well.  The mixed group of hens and jakes was out in the middle of the field, but no big gobblers had come yet.  At first glance we thought some of those Jakes were big ones, but after seeing them out in the open we could tell that they weren?t mature birds. Mr. Pruette even had his gun up on one of them, but then took it back down when he saw the bird wasn?t big enough.  They were close enough to shoot, but that wasn?t what we were looking for. 

We sat there and whispered to each other about the locations of the turkeys.  Mr. Puette had been saying that the big boys won?t be too long behind the hens and Jakes.  The group of turkeys had been out in the field for about 20 minutes now and Mr. Puette told me that this was the time-frame when most turkey hunters mess up.  He said that there was always this time in between when the hens get out and when the big gobblers arrive.  He told me that most people don?t see any big beards on the males and so they ?overcall? or start calling too much.  This is where his lesson on patience was tying back in to our actual hunt.  So we sat and watched the turkeys out in the field for a while. 

   WeHuntSC.com - Bruce Puette was all smiles after our hunt
  The post-game shot of Mr. Puette out in the field.  I'd say he was happy

The majority of the turkeys that were in the group out in the field entered from our right side.  So we kept looking out the right window just waiting on a big gobbler to arrive from the same direction. Well, we never saw or heard any more turkeys from our right.  Matter of fact, we hadn?t heard anything gobble for some time now.  I was beginning to think that we wouldn?t see a good turkey.  It had been a good while since we heard any kind of turkey sound at this point. Then Mr. Pruette leaned over in the ground blind to grab something.  I don?t know if he was grabbing for crackers or for a different kind of turkey call because he had a few different types of calls in his bag.  As he leaned over, I heard something moving in the woods behind us.  Since I had never been turkey hunting before, I didn?t have an idea of what a turkey sounded like walking through the brush.   Mr.Puette leaning down gave me the space to swivel and look out of the window behind me.  When I turned around all I could see was feathers about 15 yards behind us.  I got excited and started tapping Mr. Pruette really hard.  I didn?t want to talk because I didn?t want to scare off the birds because I knew at least one of them was big.  So I was tapping him and pointing behind me while trying to be quiet.  He looked out of the window and saw the bird and his eyes got real big.  I grabbed the camera and turned it on.  As he grabbed his gun, I stuck the camera out of the blind and was literally just pointing it behind us in hopes of getting the bird on video.  I wasn?t satisfied with ?hoping? to get the shot on video so at the last second, I brought the camera back in the blind and videoed Mr. Pruette taking the shot.  You?ll see it in the video below.  He said ?Big Beard, Got?em?.  We sat for a second and made our way out of the blind.  Mr.Puette made the shot somewhere around 8:00 am. 

WeHuntSC.com - Mr. Pruette with the turkey on the back of the WeHuntSC.com truck   
Another shot with the turkey on the WeHuntSC.com truck  

Sure enough, Mr.Puette had dropped him in his tracks about 15 yards away from us.  It was a nice turkey, but what surprised me was how this turkey got in on us and wasn?t gobbling at all.  He was just walking through the woods quietly.  Mr. Pruette told me that there were 3 birds in this last group and Mr. Pruette took the biggest one.  We got out of the blind and the big group of turkeys was still in the field.  They didn?t really scatter until we started walking out beyond the edge and then I saw how fast a turkey can really run.  We walked up to the bird and took some pictures and continued rolling the video.  The beard was a nice one and the spurs were about 1 inch or so.  Mr.Puette said the beard was a nice one and that it was so big that it looked like a paint brush.  After looking at the bird, we got the decoys up and headed back towards the trucks.  As we walked back to the trucks we saw all kind of turkey and deer tracks and we even saw more turkeys down some old logging roads.  We literally had birds all around us. 

Let me deviate for a moment and say that had it not been for the Thermacell we had in the ground blind, I don?t know if we could have made it.  I didn?t realize this until we got out to go and look at the bird.  We turned it on about 10 minutes after we got there and I was glad that we did.  Those things really work!  I was getting eat up by bugs as soon as we got out of the blind.

I was really glad that Mr.Puette had allowed me to go turkey hunting with him.  I would say that we had a pretty good time, especially for my first turkey hunt ever!  I learned a lot about how to turkey hunt from Mr. Puette and it was a trip that I?ll never forget. 

I guess all the stories I?d previously heard about Mr. Pruette being a great outdoorsman were true. 

If you want to see the birds, it?s best if you watch this video in the HD format (720 p) and blow it up full screen.  These controls are in the bottom of the player.... you'll probably need to give this one some time to load though.




2010 Turkey Season is Here!
   WeHuntSC.com - A pic of a gobbler on some WeHuntSC.com land
  This gobbler got within 2 feet of a WeHuntSC.com game cam...pretty soon, we'll have him on video!

Well the day has finally arrived.  Turkey season is in full force in South Carolina.  God bless all the wives, girlfriends, and friends of the die-hard turkey hunters around the state as they embark on a month long turkey hunting frenzy! 

I?ll admit that I?m no turkey hunting guru, but I am excited about getting out in the woods and seeing what happens.  With all the excitement and buzz building toward turkey season, I hope it?s going to be a good one.  The weather seems like its just right and we?ve been getting some really good pics on the game camera. 

Just a few weeks back Adam and I were in some sporting goods stores in Rock Hill, SC and the turkey hunters were out in full force stocking up for this turkey season.  You could feel the enthusiasm from the turkey hunters that we encountered.  It was neat to see everyone out and about and to feel the sense of excitement in the air.

Somewhere in the Florence area, J-Duck and Lee are game planning on some gobblers as well.  Hopefully they?ll be able to bring back something to the blog that will be fun to read and see.  I?m sure you frequently get tired of what I have to say. 

We?ve got a lot of gobblers all over one of the WeHuntSC.com properties.  We put the game camera out one week and came back with over 900 pics of various wildlife, but the majority were turkeys.  We?re working on a neat project that we?ll post about soon that just might involve one of these gobblers?at least I hope it does.  More on that later.



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