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Supreme Court Extends Right to Bear Arms
   WeHuntSC.com - The Supreme Court Building

As I posted earlier this year, the right to bear arms has been a popular issue in our nation?s capital.  Today the case of McDonald vs. Chicago was held in the Supreme Court and the outcome was a big win for gun owners. 

As I mentioned in the previous post, anything having to do with guns and legislation, the NRA would be all over.  The same is true with this court case as well.  The executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre has a good post on the NRA home page about the ruling.  He says it a whole lot better than I can so I?ve posted his remarks on it below.

The following is being re-posted from the NRA?s web site and are the words of Wayne LaPierre

WeHuntSC.com - Wayne LaPierre's Comments on McDonald vs Chicago Ruling

The Pee Dee Deer Classic
   WeHuntSC.com - Pee Dee Deer Classic Website ScreenShot
  A Screenshot of the Pee Dee Deer Classic Web Site

The Pee Dee Deer Classic is an annual event that is put on by the guys at Moree?s Hunting Preserve in Society Hill, SC.  The Pee Dee Deer Classic is South Carolina?s largest deer hunting expo with tons of exhibitors, displays, merchandise, and information.  This is the 17th year of the event that brings deer hunters from across the state together.  Though, this event is not only for SC deer hunters, but for deer hunters everywhere.  So all you NC hunters that look at the site feel free to come on down.  It?s just a hop skip and jump down 95 right to Florence.

Event details

Name: Pee Dee Deer Classic
Host: Moree?s Sportsman?s Preserve
Event Website: http://www.moreespreserve.com/deer_classic.html
Admission at door:  - Adults $8.00
                                - Children 7 ? 12 $3.00
                                - Children 6 and under ? FREE
Location: Florence Civic Center, Florence SC Create directions to the Florence Civic from your location
Parking: - Free
Event Layout: If you?re interested in you can view the booth layout.  From the looks of the diagram it looks like there is going to be a bow tournament of some kind outside. 

WeHuntSC.com - Pee Dee Deer Classic Logo   

Some of the WeHuntSC.com crew will be attending the event and, as we did with the Sportsmen?s Classic, we will give a post-game-review blog entry of the Pee Deer Classic here on the site.  So if you can?t attend we?ll try to give you a glimpse of what it?s like on the inside.




Lease a Dove Field in Pageland, SC
   WeHuntSC.com - Dove Hunter in Field

We?ve been contacted by a farmer in Pageland, SC (The Watermelon Capital of the world) who is looking to lease a field for dove hunting for the upcoming dove season. 

Field Specs:

  • 8 - 10 acres
  • Surrounded by woods
  • Planted with Sunflowers, corn, rye, & brown top millet


  • Owner will lease land by weekend or for entire season
  • Price is negotiable

If you are interested in leasing the field respond to [email protected] and I?ll  put the farmer in touch with you.  Be sure to provide your phone number!




Derek Coblentz To Blog With WeHuntSC.com
   WeHuntSC.com - Derek Coblentz Video Still Image
  A still image from one of Derek's videos

The WeHuntSC.com team is excited to announce that Derek Coblentz will help us continue to bring content to the blog-o-sphere.  Derek is an avid hunter based out of Hanahan, South Carolina and is also a gifted videographer with some great footage that you?ll see shortly. 

Honestly, Derek?s video footage (and editing skills) makes our videos look weak!  Now he doesn?t have any turkey slate calls being scratched with a deer antler, but he does have some turkeys and deer on video doing some wild stuff. 

I don?t want to take anything away from Derek?s first blog entry that?s about to come, but I did want to take time to introduce him to you all and let you know who he was.  I?m sure you?ll enjoy reading his blog entries and watching his videos on the site.



Register to WeHuntSC.com for a Chance to Win Thermacell Products
   WeHuntSC.com - Thermacell Promotional - Picture of Thermacell Products

Do mosquitoes bite you?  If so, do you like it?  If you don?t like it, then register to the site for a chance to win a Thermacell or one of Thermacell?s new lanterns.  Thermacell is hands down the best mosquito repellant out there. 

I can?t tell you how good of a sponsor Thermacell is to us, which in turn means how good of a sponsor they are for the hunters of South Carolina.  Thermacell is working with us on a WeHuntSC.com promotional and we are randomly drawing names of registered site users to win prizes. 

Current members don?t get riled up just yet?you?re already in the lot for the drawing.  We are going to hold random drawings throughout the weeks of the next 3 months giving away these Thermacells and Lanterns.  We are merely going to take the list of registered site users and draw names out of a hat and we will notify the winners.

See a Thermacell Testimonial from a Gander Mountain employee.

If you?re reading this blog and don?t know what a Thermacell is or what it does, then go to  Thermacell?s web site for more information or see the below video.


We?ll get started not too long after I get back from the honeymoon and if you win, you?ve got to send us a picture of you and your new Thermacell!




Site Traffic During Turkey Season

If you read these blogs then you know that we frequently monitor the site traffic to see what is going on with the metrics and to monitor our growth.  We try to give periodic reports of site metrics to let readers and site visitors see who else is checking things out in South Carolina.

Turkey season did show growth in hits and we?re happy about that.  From April 1 ? April 30th, in South Carolina, we had 987 visits from 60 different cities.  The image below will give you a feel for the spread of hits that we received from South Carolinians.

See the detailed South Carolina report here.

WeHuntSC.com - Site Traffic During Turkey Season - Web Metrics Image

On a national level we received 1,480 visits via 33 states, which is pretty good for just one month.  It seems that others around the country are interested in what?s going on with the hunters of South Carolina!

The image below will give you a feel for the spread of hits we received from the national audience.

See the detailed national report here.

WeHuntSC.com - Site Traffic During Turkey Season - National Web Metrics Map Image

I also looked at the metrics from when we started back last September until now and we?ve had 10,395 visits and 77,568 page views with users spending an average of 6:53 seconds on the site.  I?d say that?s a pretty good start for not even being up a year yet.  So thanks to everyone who visits the site and contributes videos, photos, forum posts, blog responses, competition submissions, etc.  The more traffic we receive, the better the competition prizes will be in the future.

And we keep pushing.



Hunter?s Night Out Recap
    WeHuntSC.com - Keith Frachiseur Speaking at the Hunter's Night Out
  Keith Frachiseur speaking at the Hunter's Night Out

If you are into food plots and didn?t make it to our Hunter?s Night Out, then you really missed out on a lot of great information!  On Saturday, May 1st 2010 we hosted our first ?Hunter?s Night Out? which featured 3 speakers representing the GroundHog MAX, QDMA, & Tecomate Seed.  The event turned out to be very informative with some good questions from the audience.

As people came in I handed out tickets for door prizes that we gave out throughout the evening.  Then, our main man Hoot led us off with a prayer and then we began to chow down.   We ate some great spaghetti, slaw, and desserts thanks to Lem Robertson and J.E. Aldridge.  Once we had put a hurting on the food, it was time to get to business.

WeHuntSC.com - Ryan Decker Speaking at The Hunter's Night Out    
Ryan Decker Speaking at The Hunter's Night Out  
After eating and getting everyone into their seats, Keith Frachiseur, the inventor of the GroundHog MAX, led the evening off showing a short video clip of his ATV plow and giving his presentation.  Keith told the story of how and why he invented the GroundHog MAX and demonstrated the advantages of creating and maintaining remote food plots to the audience.  I really think there is something to these remote food plots.  As you know, we are trying to install a remote food plot and I?m anxious to see what happens back in there.  I feel sure that the deer are going to mow it down if we can just get it to grow!  More to come on that later.

Next up were some door prizes where Kyle Sutton of Pageland started off the evening winning a Thermacell.  After the first Thermacell giveaway, Ryan Decker of QDMA gave a presentation about quality deer management and his organization.  Ryan?s presentation was very thorough and underscored the principles that QDMA was founded upon.  Did you know that QDMA was actually started in South Carolina and is now a national organization that is rapidly gaining momentum?  By raising awareness of deer management QDMA is slowly but surely helping our deer, us as hunters, and the communities all across the nation.

   WeHuntSC.com - Mike Lee Speaking at The Hunter's Night Out
  Mike Lee Speaking at The Hunter's Night Out
We had another set of giveaways and then the last speaker Mike Lee of Barenbrug USA which is the parent company of Tecomate Seed came in as the ?closer?.  As you know we are installing some Tecomate Seed food plots in random locations and we?re excited to see what happens in the next few months.  Mike?s presentation was very thorough and informative and was all about seed, soil, and how to make it all work together for the best reults.  Man I thought computer talk could be technical, but Mike opened my eyes up.  I?ve never heard some of the words he used and I don?t think I could repeat them if I had to!  At the end of each of the speaker?s sessions they opened it up for questions and we really did have some good questions and dialoguing going on in between the audience and the presenters.

That pretty much sums up our evening.  Thanks to all who attended and, if possible, we hope to try to have some more events like this in the future.  If you?ve got any feedback from the event, be sure to let us know .




Some of our doorprize winners below ...

WeHuntSC.com - Bruce Puette having a WeHuntSC.com - Kyle Sutton wins a Thermacell

WeHuntSC.com - Thermacell Winner at The Hunter's Night Out

Hunter?s Night Out Coming This Saturday

We?ve blogged about it, we?ve tweeted to the Twitterverse, we?ve posted some flyers, and this weekend is our Hunter?s Night Out.  We?ve got our ducks in a row and hope to see you at the event.  Just a quick recap of what?s going on.

We?re hosting 3 representatives that will speak about game management and food plot creation/maintenance.  Each individual is going to give a presentation that lasts about 30 minutes or so with room for questions at the end. 

Those 3 representatives are:

Yes, we?re going to feed you and we?re going to start eating around 5:30 so be there and be ready to eat.  We are going to eat spaghetti so don?t wear your best shirt!   The event is free of charge.

Be sure to get a ticket when you get there? you just might win a Thermacell!

We're also raffling off a ground-blind and some goodies.  You can buy a ticket there if you want.

View Larger Map

Event Location:

First Baptist Church
203 Pigg Street
Pageland, SC 29728











A Guy in DC resigned and How That May Affect You In The Future
    WeHuntSC.com - The WeHuntSC.com Sticker in Front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC
  The WeHuntSC.com Sticker in Front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC
  WeHuntSC.com - The Washington Nationals New Baseball Stadium
  The Washington Nationals New Baseball Stadium

This past weekend while the rest of the crew stayed home and was getting the job done turkey hunting, Garth Knight and I went up to Washington DC on a road trip dubbed by Garth as ?The last road trip before Clint is on lock-down?.  We went up to visit a friend of mine named Andy Polk who works for Congresswoman Sue Myrick.   We had a really good time and even made it to a Nationals baseball game.  Their new park is really nice and I would recommend it to you if you?re ever going that way. 

Our road trip to DC and the details of our trip are probably not important to you and also wouldn?t be a good fit for this blog.  Though, while we were there I talked with some people who are informed about politics and they offered some insight from which I think you may benefit.  I?m not big on politics and don?t hope to start some political debate on a blog entry, but rather simply hope to convey information to you.

On to the point?Recently Supreme Court Justice Stevens resigned from his position.  A Supreme Court Justice?s term is usually for a lifetime and therefore they retain a lot of power.  With the recent resignation, President Obama will make a selection for a replacement justice.   I researched on the net to find some information that pertained to Just Steven?s resignation and found this quote from Reuters.com:

Obama is expected to choose someone who will follow the same basic judicial philosophy as Stevens and is unlikely to change the court's overall ideological balance, which has been closely divided with five conservatives and four liberals.

Stevens has supported abortion and gay rights and gun restrictions and opposed the death penalty. In recent major business cases, he wrote rulings allowing lawsuits against tobacco and pharmaceutical companies.

See Full Article

I bring this to your attention to point out the notion of gun restrictions that President Obama is looking for in the next justice.  I don?t believe the new justice being selected will have any immediate consequences for gun owners.  Though, I do want to highlight the underlying concept of making it more difficult to own or purchase arms.  Given the right scenario or, say, another justice resigning, you never know what may happen.  Sometimes it?s good to be aware of what?s going on at the top so we?ll know how it may affect us.  For my part, I?ll be looking to buy my guns before they start making it more difficult than it should be.  Also, rest assured that the NRA will be all over anything that may come of this in the future.



Muzzy Partners With WeHuntSC.com to Sponsor Next Season?s Archery Buck of the Year Competition
    WeHuntSC.com - Muzzy.com Web Page
  Muzzy's web site www.Muzzy.com

We are excited to announce that Muzzy is partnering with WeHuntSC.com to sponsor next season?s Archery Buck of the Year Competition.  Last deer hunting season we wanted to have an archery contest on the site, but we were so young we didn?t have time to get it all together.  This season is different as Muzzy has stepped up to the line and provided some nice gifts that will be part of the winner?s prize package. 

About Muzzy
Muzzy is a Cartersville, Georgia based organization that specializes in broadheads.  Muzzy also makes other bow and arrow accessories as well as some hunting calls and cover scents.  Muzzy also sponsors several TV shows.  See the list of shows they sponsor.  Also, Muzzy?s web site (which for you web nerds was written in PHP) has a neat page called ?Muzzy Moments? where site visitors who have harvested a trophy animal with a Muzzy broadhead can submit their picture and information and have it featured in the ?Muzzy Moments? page. 

So for any of you who hunt with Muzzy arrows or broadheads, if you get a trophy, be sure to post your information on our site and theirs!  You may just get featured in both!



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