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The New Thermacell
    WeHuntSC.com - The New Thermacell
  WeHuntSC.com - The new Thermacell Holster
  WeHuntSC.com - The new Thermacell Swivel Light

has done it again!  
If you?re a hunter (or anyone who spends time outdoors) and you?re reading this and you don?t know what a Thermacell is then you?re definitely missing out.  Thermacell is the #1 insect repellent on the market and, for hunters, it will change the way you hunt.  Very rarely does a product live up to the ?hype? or ?buzz? that we often hear about, but I?m here to tell you that Thermacell is everything that the ?hype? says it is?plus some! Just this past weekend I had a conversation with another hunter and I told him about Thermacell?s updated appliance and he told me that he doesn?t go in the woods without a Thermacell and that if a Thermacell cost $100 that he would still buy one!  And after hunting with a Thermacell in warm weather I feel the same way too!  
Believe it or not this is Thermacell?s 10th anniversary and so the updated model comes along at a unique time for the company.  Allegra Lowitt, Vice President of Marketing was quoted saying ?Our customers have made some great suggestions over the years regarding how we can improve the functionality of our products and we take this feedback very seriously?.  Based on feedback the new Thermacell appliance is updated with the following:
  • Ergonomic hang grip ? makes it easier to hold
  • Matte finish ? more aesthetically pleasing
  • Quieter ON/OFF Button ? Reduces amount of noise made when turning appliance on
They also updated the appliance holster with the following:
  • Elastic trim design - allowing for easier insertion/removal of the Thermacell appliance
  • Quieter side pockets ? removed buttons and used elastic for refill side pockets reducing sound
  • Swivel Clip ? new swivel clip added on back for easier attaching to gear from any angle
A new feature integrated into the new appliance is the All-Purpose Swivel light.  The light attaches to the top of the Thermacell, but also comes with a clip so you can attach it wherever you want.  The light comes with the batteries installed and has a white and green line of LEDS that you can use for lighting and they are bright!  (I almost blinded myself a little while ago).  The new light fits seamlessly into the Thermacell appliance and is a neat new feature.  
I am a web guy and we have to constantly create, delete, and update images, animations, style-sheets, videos, pages, apps, sites, etc?we?re adjusting and adapting all the time.  Given that everything is in code or a ?digital? format, it?s not too hard to be flexible and adjust, but most importantly the thing to note is that if you don?t listen and innovate?you won?t be around long. Creativity, design, functionality, and implementation rule the online world.  The most impressive thing to me about Thermacell?s updated appliance is that the addition of the new features demonstrates that same principle, but with a manufactured product that you can touch and feel.  Thermacell is listening to their audience and responding with top notch innovation.  And that is why Thermacell is the #1 product on the market and will continue to be!  


Thermacell Partners With WeHuntSC.com to Sponsor 3 of the 2010 Deer Hunting Competitions
    WeHuntSC.com - Thermacell prizes for this year's competition
  Some lucky hunter is going to win this + more

We?re excited to announce that Thermacell is partnering with us to sponsor 3 competitions this deer hunting season.  Thermacell is going to sponsor our Big Buck, Archery Big Buck, and Women?s Big Buck Competitions

The competition winners will receive:

  • A Real-tree Camo Thermacell Appliance
  • A holster for the unit
  • 3 butane refills

Thermacell is a product that most hunters won?t leave home without and Thermacell recently won an award because they make such quality products. Thermacell?s outdoor Lantern won Field & Stream?s ?Best of the Best? award in the miscellaneous hunting item category.  In our summer give-away, we gave out a couple of Thermacell Lanterns to registered members of the site and all the feedback that I?ve heard so far has been great about it.  It?s obviously making waves in the hunting community as Field & Stream?s ?Best of the Best? is a highly coveted award to win.  So congratulations to Thermacell for being selected.

If you still don?t know what a Thermacell is?let me sum it up for you by saying that it?s the best mosquito repellant out there.  See the below video to get an idea of how it works:


Thanks again to Thermacell for working with us to sponsor this year?s competitions.  I?m sure the winners will be very glad to win a Thermacell, a holster, and 3 refills as part of their prize package.



Another chance at a Thermacell
   WeHuntSC.com - Thermacell Give-Away Banner

What can I say? Thermacell just keeps on giving away prizes.  As you are aware, Thermacell recently partnered with WeHuntSC.com on a promotional giving away free Thermacell appliances and now they?re back at it again.  Though, this time the give-away is put on by Thermacell and they are giving away a Thermacell appliance per day and the winners are entered into a bigger lot that has the chance to win even bigger and better prizes!

Thermacell sent a press release and below are the pertinent details of the Give-Away:

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent to Host August Appliance-A-Day Giveaway

Help the hunter in your life gain protection from mosquito borne illnesses; enter to win a free mosquito repelling ThermaCELL appliance that is up to 98% effective according to tests conducted by the US Department of Defense.

ThermaCELL, the leading area mosquito repellent, will giveaway one ThermaCELL Realtree APG unit* each day in August to help hunters get ready for hunting season. Contestants can win a ThermaCELL Appliance, Hoyt TurboHawk Bow or a ThermaCELL prize package!
Giveaway Details:

  • First Prize: ThermaCELL will give away one ThermaCELL RealTree APG Appliance each day in August.*
  • Grand Prize: The 31 daily winners will be entered to win the grand prize of a
  • ThermaCELL prize package of 10 appliances/lanterns of their choice and 200 hours of refills

So yes, register to win and this time I?m going to register too! 

To register simply click this link: Register in Thermacell's Appliance A Day Give-Away.

Another big thanks to Thermacell!



Thermacells Across South Carolina and Beyond
   WeHuntSC.com - Thermacell Promotional - Picture of Thermacell Products
  Our site members won the above

We just rounded out our Thermacell Give-Away campaign and now a lot of WeHuntSC.com registered site members will be mosquito free this coming hunting season!  A big thanks to Thermacell for partnering with us on this campaign to drive site registration and promote Thermacell in South Carolina.  

When we first started the Give-Aways, I thought it would be fairly easy to email someone and tell them that they had been picked and had won a free Thermacell?.boy was I wrong.  Some people just don?t check their email frequently or either used phony email addresses to sign up to the site.  Well, if that is you, you may want to check your email as you may have been a past winner that we had to let go!  No worries, though?some other site member benefitted and won a free Thermacell and is very appreciative.
We gave out the Thermacells that you are probably accustomed to, but we also gave out a couple of their new Lanterns.  For those of you who won, I?ll be interested to hear how they all worked for you.  Give us your feedback of how they work for you at home, in the woods, at the ball field etc.
So who were our winners and where did they come from?  Well they came from all over SC and we had one winner in NC and the final winner was located in Jersey Shore, Pa!  Yes, that?s right we?ve got registered site members that are from the north.  Ya?ll didn?t know people up there cared did you! Well they do because Thermacell is actually from the north itself!
The below individuals ended up being our winners!
  • Michael Purser
  • Peter Taylor
  • Louie Conder
  • Steve Matthews
  • Kevin Gene Burbank
  • Kenny Lanning
  • Bob Simmons
  • Frances Mungo
  • Ashley Copeland
  • Kyle Sutton
  • Matthew Kiefer

So if you know any of these people, you may want to sit with them during the upcoming hunting season!  

Again thanks to everyone for registering to the site, being active on the forum, and continuing to make WeHuntSC.com a great place!  If you have read all of this and still don?t know what a Thermacell is? watch the video below and you may want to go and buy one because it will change the way you do any outdoor activity in warm weather.


Register to WeHuntSC.com for a Chance to Win Thermacell Products
   WeHuntSC.com - Thermacell Promotional - Picture of Thermacell Products

Do mosquitoes bite you?  If so, do you like it?  If you don?t like it, then register to the site for a chance to win a Thermacell or one of Thermacell?s new lanterns.  Thermacell is hands down the best mosquito repellant out there. 

I can?t tell you how good of a sponsor Thermacell is to us, which in turn means how good of a sponsor they are for the hunters of South Carolina.  Thermacell is working with us on a WeHuntSC.com promotional and we are randomly drawing names of registered site users to win prizes. 

Current members don?t get riled up just yet?you?re already in the lot for the drawing.  We are going to hold random drawings throughout the weeks of the next 3 months giving away these Thermacells and Lanterns.  We are merely going to take the list of registered site users and draw names out of a hat and we will notify the winners.

See a Thermacell Testimonial from a Gander Mountain employee.

If you?re reading this blog and don?t know what a Thermacell is or what it does, then go to  Thermacell?s web site for more information or see the below video.


We?ll get started not too long after I get back from the honeymoon and if you win, you?ve got to send us a picture of you and your new Thermacell!




Thermacell to Sponsor Turkey Video Hunt of the Year Competition
  WeHuntSC.com - Thermacell's new lantern
  Thermacell's New Lantern

The WeHuntSC.com team is excited to announce that Thermacell is sponsoring this year?s ?Turkey Video Hunt of the Year Competition?.  If you hunt turkeys in South Carolina and don?t know about Thermacell, then you need to be introduced? that is unless you just like to get bitten by mosquitoes.  Thermacells are a must have to hunt in any warm weather period of the year.  We use them during turkey season and early parts of deer season. 

This year Thermacell is releasing a new product called the Thermacell lantern which is what the competition will get along with a thermacell!  Here is an excerpt from Thermacell?s web site about their newly released lantern:

The Outdoor Lantern has many updated features: eight LEDs offer twice as much light as earlier ThermaCELL models; the easy-grip handle makes the lantern easy to carry or hang, and the lantern weight, at under a pound, makes transport a breeze. In addition, the lantern and mosquito repellent can be used separately or together.

?We have created a more rugged lantern for outdoor enthusiasts who want a portable, light-weight solution to mosquitoes. By offering customers a dual function lantern that has a highly effective repellent as well as illumination options, we are making outdoor activities safer and more enjoyable,? said Bill Schawbel, president of The Schawbel Corporation.

The ThermaCELL Outdoor Lantern operates on a single butane cartridge, which heats a mat releasing allethrin, a synthetic copy of a natural insecticide found in pyrethrum flowers, creating a 15 x 15 foot comfort zone. Each repellent mat provides up to four hours of protection and each butane cartridge provides up to 12 hours of operation.

The new ThermaCELL Outdoor Lantern features:

  • Eight LED lights, with two illumination settings

  • Twice as much light as previous ThermaCELL lanterns

  • Up to 98% protection from mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums

  • 15 x 15 foot comfort zone

  • Easy grip handle

  • Rugged outdoor structure

  • Lightweight - 13oz

  • Mosquito repellent operates on a single butane cartridge

  • Light operates on four AA batteries (not included)

  • Available February 2010

  • MSRP: $29.99


If you follow the site, then you know that Thermacell has been with us since day one and we?re happy that they are sponsoring this year?s Turkey Video Competition.  To learn more about Thermacell, just jump on over to their web site at www.mosquitorepellent.com.



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