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Wac?em Archery Products to Sponsor 2010 Deer Hunting Competitions
   WeHuntSC.com - Wac'em Archery Seatpacks
  Wac'em Archery Seatpacks

We?re excited to announce that Wac?em Archery Products is getting on board to sponsor the 2010 WeHuntSC.com Deer Competitions.  Wac?Em Archery products is based out of Utah and has donated 4 packs of 100 grain broad heads + 2 vertical seatpacks to the competition winners.  I?m sitting here looking at these broad heads and seat packs and I know that all you bow hunters are going to love some Wac?em Archery products. 

A little bit about Wac?em broadheads from the Wac?em Archery Products web site (www.WacemArchery.com) ?The flight of the Triton is like no other fixed blade broadhead; it truly is unbelievable. With its cut on impact head, just the right cutting diameter, and no mechanical blades to deflect, the Triton is at the head of its class in every penetration test available. The Triton, with its resharpenable head and replaceable blades, is in a class by itself. And it definitely has the ?look.?

WeHuntSC.com - Wac'em Archery Products - Broadheads

Also, the vertical seatpacks are really neat.  If you ever have an issue with stowing your bow in your vehicle, then look no further because these seatpacks can solve your problem.  You simply strap these around the seats of your vehicle and store your bow right up next to the backside of the seat.

A big thanks to Wac?em Archery Products for working with us to offer the hunters of South Carolina some really great prize packages.  If you?d like more info on Wac?em Archery Products just venture on over to www.WacemArchery.com.



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