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Wall Hanger - Continued

I always enjoy seeing the deer mounts from the prior season so I figured I would follow up on my  ?Wall Hanger? post.   

8pt. 212lb. "Full Sneak" mount done by Joe Spearman with Whitetail Taxidermy in Clover, SC.

Tucked away on a little road called Split Trail in Clover, South Carolina you?ll find Whitetail Taxidermy.  Joe Spearman started taxidermy as a hobby years ago and now he has turned it into a full time passion.  On the morning of October 16th, 2010 our paths crossed based on a referral from a buddy of mine.  With this being my first experience of having a deer mounted I didn?t have a clue of where to take it, so I called my buddy for advice.  After a short conversation, I think his words were ?I wouldn?t take it to anyone else?.  With those words spoken in confidence I was sold and therefore I made the trip to Clover. 

As I drove up that morning and made the turn onto Split Trail I didn?t find any big business signs or fancy buildings.  I almost wondered if I had pulled into the right place.  As I stepped out of my Dad?s truck it didn?t take long though to figure out that I was in the right place.  I spotted several mounts hanging in the garage and immediately started to envision what my mount would look like.  I didn?t get to meet Joe that morning because he was out hunting but looking at some of his work I was pumped. 

When this process started I didn?t realize how much taxidermy had evolved and the numerous options that I had to choose from.  I meet Joe back at his house in January and decided on a ?full sneak? mount.  I was itching to see my deer (rack) again so Joe took me down to the shop behind his house and I soon realized as I gazed at the racks hanging that Joe had the confidence of numerous other hunters.  As I talked to Joe that morning and realized his passion for what he does my excitement was raised to another level.

Fast forward to May 18, 2011.  I received a call that morning that my deer was ready.  It was like Christmas in May.  I was really excited and made the trip that evening to pick it up.  As I stepped from my car I had flashbacks to October 16th as I spotted my deer hanging in the garage.  Joe did an awesome job.  Joe and I talked for awhile and I continued to be impressed by his humbleness and passion.  Although Whitetail Taxidermy may be settled off the beaten path with little flash it is not hidden from the world.  Joe let me know that some of his clients have included Ken Cobb from Huntin' the World Southern Style, and NASCAR Crew Chiefs Greg Zipadelli and Drew Blickensdurfer.  Pretty impressive Joe!  Hopefully, I?ll be back!

I didn't realize until after I got my deer back home that I actually had found the sheds from this deer before.  I found his 2007 matching sheds and based on conversations with Joe about his jawbone we figured this deer was about six and a half years old.  The sheds that I found would've been his three and a half year old rack.   I'm trying to figure out how to display his sheds now.  Check out the video below of my son Riley and I goofing around with my "Wall Hanger".  Riley loves the mount so you can guess where it's hanging in the house.  Check out the video below.

I know there were some awesome bucks posted on WeHuntSC.com during the past season.  Lets see your "Wall Hanger"!


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