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South Carolina Pond Fishing


This is a video of a few bass we caught several weeks ago at a pond in Chester.  I'll provide a little breifing on the day but I'll keep it short and let the video speak for itself.  A few friends and I decided to give the kayaks another try at this pond a few weeks ago.  If you read my blog Kayaking for Lunkers you know that we landed a few big bass out of this pond back in March.  Back in March the fishing was slow but the fish were big.  On this day the fishing had picked up but most of the fish that we caught were what I like to refer as crumb-snatchers.  We did manage to pull in a nice three pounder though.  Check out the video!  It was a beautiful morning and I was glad I got to spend it fishing with great friends.  Hope you enjoy.

Kayaking for Lunkers


Kayaking for Lunkers!  

An old oak stump looked like a good hiding spot for a big bass waiting on an easy meal on this brisk day.  It looked so good that the three of us fishing threw to it time after time.  After about twenty casts to the stump one more wouldn't hurt would it?  Absolutely not!  My black shad Culprit worm sailed through the March wind like an eagle diving down to catch a summer trout.  It landed softly on the bank padded by a layer of oak leaves.  One twitch and it slivered into the cold water.  At that instant a swirl of the water signaled that this Culprit was in trouble.  A couple more twitches and then a sudden thump.  An easy pull on the rod to get the slack out and then I dropped the hammer.  No doubt that this was going to be one to talk about.

I'll pause the story for a split second to give you some insight on why this was going to be an even better fight.  We were fishing in kayaks!  If you've never done this I would definitely give it a try.  It takes a little while to get used to it but once you do it is a blast.  When you're on the water it almost feels like you're floating.  Imagine sitting at water level with an eight pound bass tail-walking across the water and pulling you around like an Alaskan tugboat.  Good Stuff!

Back to the story.  I set the hook and the fight was on.  I recall Eric saying "Man what do you have?"  I just knew it was big.  Back and forth like Ali and Frazer we went.  Eric eased his kayak over to stabilize mine.  After what seemed an eternity the bass surfaced and I lipped it with the quickness.  As I pulled the bass up the hook fell out.  Talk about just in the nick of time.  Did I mention that this was the second lunker of the day!?

Although the day  was slow it was definitely productive.  We caught three nice fish.  Eric and I caught eight pounders and Eric's nephew, Alan, caught a four pounder.  The water was a little stained from the recent rains so black seemed to be the most productive color.  Eric was fishing a texas rig black Zoom Finesse worm and I was fishing a black shad Culprit with a shaky head jig.  As noted in the story the fish were on the bank but you had to be patient.  We would hit a spot over and over.  I'd say it worked out.  Check out the video.  Who else enjoys hooking big bass?




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