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Moultrie?s First Game-Spy Featured Hunter via Twitter
       WeHuntSC.com - Moultrie's Grow the Hunt Blog Site
   Moultrie's Grow the Hunt Blog Site
On Wednesday I was on Twitter when I noticed that Moultrie posted a tweet with something about a ?Grow the Hunt? photo submission to be featured in a blog.  I wasn?t exactly sure of what they were referring to at first, but I know we spend a lot of time in the off-season growing our hunt!  Turns out they were asking for photo submissions and I tweeted back to Moultrie sending them the link to our ?Tecomate Seed Food Plot Journey? where I blogged for a year about the journey of creating food plots.  A few minutes later Moultrie sent me a message saying ?That is very cool, but you would need photos taken by one of our Game Spy cameras to be considered?.  Boom! they threw down the red tape on me with the quickness.  I thought about it for a second and remembered that I did post some game cam pics in the blog series and they were taken with a Moultrie Game Camera.  So I fired back a tweet saying ?Well consider us because we posted pics using your cameras! Check out blog entry #16?.  A few seconds later Moultrie replied saying ?Those are great pics! You just moved to the top of the list!? and that was it for that day.  I didn?t know when the submissions would end or whatever and probably like everyone I thought that nothing would come of it.  
WeHuntSC.com - Tweet from Moultrie Feeders
The next day I got a Twitter notification that someone had mentioned us WeHuntSC.com in their tweet and when I read the message and it said ?Check out our first ever Twitter Featured Hunter, @WeHuntSC , on our blog! More to come, keep submitting your pics!?. We had become the first ever Game-Spy Photo Featured hunter via Twitter.  I was pumped about it and we got some pub in their blog on the Grow the Hunt typepad site.  
I hope you are ?growing your hunt? this off-season too!

Moultrie?s A+ Customer Service
   WeHuntSC.com - Moultrie Game Cam
  Moultrie's Game Spy I-45

This past Christmas I was fortunate enough to get two Moultrie game cameras.  The cameras also came with the Game Spy Connect feature which allows the game camera to upload images directly into a database that can be viewed online via Moultrie?s Game Management web site.  Speak of the convergence of technology and hunting.

On a site note for you ?web-necks? out there, the online application is very neat.  It has a slick, user friendly interface built with J-Query integrated into the app offering modal/light-box windows for easy photo viewing.   The application allows users to view photos online, delete them, store them in galleries, change all the settings on the game camera right from your computer, check the battery levels on both the camera and GPS module, as well as integrating GPS functionality with Google maps so that you can pin-point exactly where your camera is located. 

The system allows hunters to instantly see what game is coming by and when they are coming by?as in? I get an email a few minutes after it happens.  I even check mine from my I-Phone throughout the day.  On occasion I?ve been sitting in one stand and received an email letting me know that something got its picture taken at the location of the camera.  With this level of functionality you don?t have to continuously return to the woods to check your game cameras, but rather only return to check on them when you need to change the batteries.   This reduces the scent that you spread in the woods.  All of this is really neat, but it does come at a cost.  There is a monthly fee for this service.  The rate you are charged differs depending on which level you choose.  See the Game Management Packages.

Just as you would imagine, the gadget freak in me was excited to hook all this up and get it out and on a tree.  I waited to start the photo-uploading service until we got some of our food plots up and growing well.  I got the camera out and turned everything on just like the manual said.  I waived my hand in front of the camera and 2 minutes later I had an email sitting in my inbox saying ?You?ve got deer? even though it was just a picture of my hand.  Neat stuff!  I was pumped about the fact that I would be able to be anywhere and see anything that passed in front of the camera!  For about a month the camera did just as it was supposed to, but then I noticed I wasn?t getting any more pictures.  I got back out to the woods the first chance I got and checked on the camera.  I kept getting an error message saying that there was a file upload error.  The error message read something like ?File upload error, Wait srvr response?.  I didn?t know what was wrong with the unit.  I put brand new batteries in it and everything, but still no dice.

WeHuntSC.com - Moultrie Game Cam Error Message   

Since the cameras are pretty expensive and I?m paying for their service, I figured the product should work.  I called the Moultrie Game Management support line and the lady on the other end of the phone walked me through a couple of steps.  In just a few minutes the information we gathered while on the phone was enough for her to have me send the camera in to be fixed.  I went to the post office and put the camera in a box (if it fits it ships) and sent it on its way to Alabama.  A couple days later I started getting pictures again in my inbox except this time they were of someone?s hands counting 1, 2, and 3.  I knew it was back working again.  A day or two later the camera arrived back to me and it came back with a new GPS module.  I emailed in again and asked about the payment for the time in between when my camera quit working and when I got it back again.  I got a quick response denoting that my payment had been suspended for one month.  They fixed the product and made the situation right?like they should do.

I write all this to say that there still are some cases of good customer service out there.  I would like to to promote Moultrie?s organization and customer service because they made the situation right.  The steps taken to correct the situation are obvious ones to consumers, but ones that some organizations don?t take.  In a competitive market consumers must look for more than just the product when we buy.  Business processes that keep the customer in mind are the ones that help organizations thrive and prosper in the long run.  So thanks to Moultrie for having cutting edge products and great customer service!  After this experience I won?t have any hesitation about buying any more Moultrie products in the future.  Moultrie?s customer service gets an A+.

Now let me run? I?ve got some new pics to look at here?



Below are some screenshots of Moultrie?s Game Management System application interface

The Moultrie Game Management System Photo Viewing Interface

WeHuntSC.com - The Moultrie Game Management System Photo Viewing Interface

Moultrie Game Management System Camera Status View

WeHuntSC.com - Moultrie Game Management System Camera Status View

Moultrie Game Management System Settings View

WeHuntSC.com - Moultrie Game Management System Settings View




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