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A Year of "Firsts"
The season is setting like the December sun.  

As the sun sets on another year, it's time to reflect on the 2010 season.  One thing that I always like to think about is what happened during the season that has never happened before.  These "firsts" are the things that keep me motivated, inspired, and excited about future hunts.  For me it always seems like my deer seasons are full of "first" time events.  I've been hunting for about 19 years and every year something happens during a hunt that makes me say, "I haven't seen that before.", or "That's the first time I've ever...". 

Early on it was easy to accumulate "firsts", like the first deer stand that Dad and I built.  At the time we didn't know that this "first" built stand would become a stand that led to the "first" buck for three hunters, including myself.  My "first" buck was a four point that I shot when I was 13.  It was an October day and I had just settled into my deer stand.  Earlier that day I bought my "first" grunt call and pulled it out to see how it worked.  After blowing on the thing for about an hour (I had no clue), I saw a buck coming straight at me.  It stopped at about 30 yards and I shot.  The buck bolted and then hit a pine tree at full throttle and broke off both sides of its antlers.   That was probably a "first" for the pine tree. 

  My first possum encounter! HAHA

This year hasn't been short on "firsts".  I had an opportunity to take my "first" "Wall Hanger", which was an eight point buck for another  "first".  I also took my cousin on his "first" deer hunt and he saw his "first" deer while hunting.  We will have to work on his "first" kill next year.  We also saw a little snow which for me was a "first" as far as hunting in it.  My year was also filled with the not so usual "firsts".  I got buzzed (within inches) by a red tail hawk at sunset that nearly scared me to death.  I also saw a possum while hunting.  That was one that I had to think about for awhile. 

What "firsts" did your year of hunts have?  Hopefully, your year and past years are filled with as many "firsts" as mine.

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