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Poulos Sportsman Club Turkey Hunt

As we marched up the old road bed, the anticipation of the morning hunt filled the air.  Brad Crawford spotted a couple longbeards strutting in the meadow the evening before.  With that being said we had a good idea of where the birds were roosting.  We planned on getting up on the ridge above the meadow for the morning hunt.  Brad led the way up the road bed.  Sam Poulos and Tank Johnson both armed and ready followed behind.  I was pulling up the rear armed with my video camera. 

Brad called out an owl hoot with a dead on response from the longbeards.  We sat up on the ridge and got ready for the action.  As Brad sent out a series of yelps there must have been four more birds gobbling off in the distance.  It seemed that we were in prime position.  With another series of calls it seemed that the gobbles echoed a little louder.  Back and forth we went when all of a sudden a soft yelp from a hen could be heard in the distance.  As Brad said later it was as if the hen grabbed the gobbler by the beard and said oh no you don?t.  The gobbles faded into the distance.  We got up and planned our next move.

Crossover Camo!  Can you see me?  

We heard one gobbler move to our left off in the distance so we figured we could get down in the meadow and see if we could draw him back.  As we moved down the ridge, Brad sent out a crow call and was answered by a gobble.  We scurried down the hill and called briefly and realized the bird was coming.  Brad stayed back on the ridge about thirty yards.  Sam sat out on the main field which is where we thought the bird would pop out.  Tank and I sat behind Sam about twenty yards in a little cove.  Tank and Brad both called for a few minutes.  I was in a good position to film Sam and any birds out in the main field but I realized I wasn?t in a good position when I saw Tank ease his gun around to my left and click off the safety.  With Brad and Tank calling the birds split the difference.  When the birds didn?t see anything out in the cove or meadow they got a little weary and all I could hear was a few putts that signaled the show was over.  Tank had a shot but it was a Jake so he didn?t take it.  Up the ridge Brad had a better vantage point and could see the longbeard in the back fanned out.  Too bad he?s tagged out.  Oh so close! 

It was an awesome morning hunt with a lot of gobbling, awesome calling, and tons of heart pounding action at the Poulos Sportsman Club.  I was glad I had some Wildlife Energy shots because I was whooped after a weekend of early morning hunts.  I got a kick out of Brad saying that he doesn?t sleep in April.  That?s about the truth. 

Brad, Sam, and Tank  

Although our hunt ended without filling a tag another hunter, Mark Cody, had better luck.  Mark was able to take his first bird by calling himself.  He was pretty pumped when we got back to the clubhouse.  I was able to snap a few pictures.  18 #, Double Beard 10 ¼ and 4 ¼, ¾ inch spurs. 

Mark Cody - 18#, Double Beard 10 1/4 & 4 1/4, 3/4 in. spurs  

Check out my recap video of the hunt! Turn up the volume and listen to some gobbling action.


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