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2011 SC Turkey Competition Winners Receive Prizes

I recently met our 2011 Montana Decoy Turkey Competition winners to give them their prizes.  As you are most likely aware, our site audience voted and Mark and William emerged as our winners.  After the announcement we had to schedule and coordinate a meeting place to deliver the prizes.  Since Mark and William hail from areas distant from each other we had to line it up for different days and it even was raining as Mark received his prizes.  Nevertheless we still got it done, but we didn?t shoot much video? just pictures. It was definitely a good day for William Babb and Mark Cody when we met and they were all smiles as I got the prizes out of my car.

Below are the pictures and videos from the winners receiving their prizes.


Below is a video of the winners receiving their prizes


Thanks again to our sponsors and to everyone for participating in our 2011 Turkey Competitions! Without our sponsors and participants none of this would have been possible!



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