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2010 Deer Competition Winners Receive Their Prizes

One of my most favorite parts of working on the web site is to be able to give the competition winners their prizes!  One of the winners quoted this past weekend ?Shooting the deer was good enough, now this is just the icing on the cake!? and that?s what it?s all about! Seeing the winners smile while they get their prizes makes us feel good and is rewarding for us too!

Again our winners were (See pics of the winner's deer):

The winners received some great prizes from our sponsors and each left with a handful of goodies to play with and we hope to get some ?field test? reports from them as well.  I think in total we gave out just short of $2,000 worth of prizes to the winners.  This is pretty good for the site just being a little over 1 year old and we hope it will get even better in years to come. 

We did get some interviews from this year?s winners so check it out in the video below. Thanks again to the sponsors and to everyone who participated.  Be sure to tune in early next season to see what competitions we?re hosting, what rules we?re enforcing, and what prizes you can win. 



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