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Staying Warm During Cold Season Hunts
   WeHuntSC.com - ThermaCare's Heat Wraps
  ThermaCare's HeatWraps

As many of you are aware, this past hunting season has been a little cooler than normal.  I?m interested in knowing what you to do stay warm.  You?ve probably got some good, wind-breaking, waterproof, insulated camo pants, jacket, or suit along with some nice insulated boots and thick socks?and you probably even base-layer it with Under Armor?s ?Cold Gear?.  At least that?s the approach I take, but when temperatures get really low (like they have been lately) the cold still seems to find a way to cut right through all that stuff and grab me.

I usually put my gear on inside the house and by the time I?m through getting it all on I?m sweating so I rush outside to cool off.  Then by the time I walk to the deer stand or to the duck blind I?m sweating again and you all know what happens next?the sweat eventually dries and you are even colder!  In attempt to counter this sometimes I?ll leave my gear unzipped or untucked until I reach my location.  This helps a little, but doesn?t eliminate the situation completely.

With a few weeks remaining in hunting season I was talking about how cold it was and my mom said ?You ought to just get some of the heat wraps and put them on? because that?s what they used when they had back pain or something.  At first I didn?t give it much thought, but after I went on a hunt and sat on a chair covered in ice for 3 hours I decided that I would take the time to find out.  When I returned home I asked her about them and she explained a little more.  Later on I went to the Springs Wild Game Center where I picked up some ?Toasty Toes? and then I went to Wal-mart and got about 3-4 different brands of those Thermacare?s Heat Wraps?.and the next morning I was so glad that I did! I guess they say ?Mama?s know best? for a reason.

WeHuntSC.com - Toasty Toes

I started off putting my base layer of Under Armor gear on.  All of the warnings on the heat packs say ?Do not apply directly to skin? so I put them on after the base layer.  Back in the day you had to shake those things to make them warm up, but now all you have to do is open the package and the oxygen makes them heat up.  Got to love technology! So I took the ?Toasty Toes? and stuck one on my chest (where I pressed the camera against to keep it warm) and I stuck the other one to the other side of the camera so that it had heat coming from both sides.  The "Toasty Toes" are unique in that they have adhesive on them which helps them stick to your clothing.

WeHuntSC.com - Toasty Toest on my shirt

After applying the ?Toasty Toes? I took the Thermacare Heat Wraps and put one on my lower back and one on my neck.  Within minutes I could feel small pockets of heat start warming up all over me.  I knew I didn?t have long before I would be sweating on the inside of the house so I hurried up and got dressed.  By the time we got to the duck swamp those heat packets were even warmer. 

I was so glad that I had investigated, purchased, and used the Heat Wraps and Toasty Toes because those things saved me.  I could lean back in my chair and the rail of the chair would press that heat into my lower back and it felt so good.  Of course I didn?t tell anybody that I was wearing them?after all, I?m a man and can endure the cold!

WeHuntSC.com - ThermaCare HeatWraps

You may laugh and give me a hard time, but next time you have a hunt in cold weather plan ahead and give some ?Toasty Toes? or Thermacare Heatwraps a try and see how your hunt goes. 

What other methods, tips, or products do you use to keep warm during your hunts?




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