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   Me waiting for that big buck
   Me waiting for that Big Buck

Hey y?all! Let me start by introducing myself.  My name is Jamie Barnes, I?m 25 years old and yes I am a huntRESS.  When asked to start blogging for Wehuntsc.com I jumped at the chance.  The world needs more huntresses and I was eager to share my outdoor adventures with you all! 

I grew up in Greenville, SC as one of three girls (my poor Dad, bless his heart).  I am considered to be the ?country one,? out of the girls and probably the biggest Clemson fan you will ever meet.  My two sisters are the type who loves clothes, fashion, etc., but for me I prefer to be a little outdoorsy.  I?m not your typical girl.  Sure I love to look cute, wear cute things, etc., but I love nothing more than to be outdoors. Hunting, fishing, being around animals, watching the sun set on a fall evening in the woods, country music, camo,  anything John Deere, my dog, Jimmy Buffett, laughing, and Clemson football/sports are some of my favorite things.

I received my undergrad degree from the best college in the world, Clemson University (Go Tigers!) with a BA in Psychology.  I then tortured myself and went against my religion when I was forced to go to "that other school" in the state to get my Masters degree in Social Work (MSW).  Currently, I am a counselor for kids with mental health issues for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health.  

My Dad is the one responsible for giving me my ?love-for-the-outdoors gene?.  He always took me hunting, instead of my sisters, since I was the only one that could be still, be quiet, and took it serious.  I?m thankful he did.  I grew up tagging along with him on his hunting trips and at 5 years old I remember running as fast as my little legs could go, with my tiny fishing pole in hand, trying to catch up with him before he took off in his boat without me to go on one of those ?man fishing trips? with the boys.  On one of my very first hunting trips with my Dad on our hunting land in Laurens County, I was about 7 years old and a small fawn came out at the edge of the field.  It looked so big to me and I begged, literally begged, my Dad to shoot it.  I kept whispering, ?Shoot it Daddy, shoot it!?  We still laugh about this to this day. 
My First Deer  
I started using a gun in 2004 and killed my first doe in October of that month on our land.  Since I started using a gun for the first time I still hunted with my Dad at this point and let me tell ya, he was more excited than mewhen that doe dropped right where I shot her.  She came out about 100 yards to my right with some other does.  She  was the biggest one of the bunch so I put my rifle (30-30 Marlin at that time) on her as my Dad kept saying, ?Okay, just take your time, and just squeeze the trig-? BAM! I shot her before he even finished his sentence.She just fell right over and that?s when my obsession really began.  
I started hunting by myself after that and Dad bought me my very first rifle after my first kill: A Remington 7mm .08 and I absolutely love it.  I have killed 10 deer with it since my first doe kill including two bucks.  I have been stalking two ?bid daddy?s? on our land that I hope to kill this season (if I don?t shake so bad I can?t pull the trigger when I see them).  My goal is to kill a bigger buck this season with my new bow I bought myself: A PSE Chaos. This will be my first season bow hunting and I?m looking forward to killing a deer or a wild hog since we are being overrun with hogs, unfortunately.  I enjoy turkey, dove, duck, and coyote hunting but nothing compares to my love for deer hunting.  Being in a deer stand sitting close to God on a fall night as the sunsets is one of the greatest pleasures in life.  I?m counting down the days till the season comes in like I?m sure most of you are.

  Me and my bow
My Features/Spotlight:
  • Outdoor Girl of the Month for 'TheLodgeman.com' for the month of May (see below)
  • Contestant for South Carolina in 'Miss Huntress USA 2011'
  • Featured in the 2011 'Backwoods Barbie Clothing' Calendar (see below)
  • Featured in the upcoming 2012 'Wilderness Babe Productions' calendar 
  • Blogger for 'Huntressworld.com'
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I look forward to sharing my adventures with y?all and I?m honored to have this opportunity. Happy Hunting!!




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