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The New Thermacell
    WeHuntSC.com - The New Thermacell
  WeHuntSC.com - The new Thermacell Holster
  WeHuntSC.com - The new Thermacell Swivel Light

has done it again!  
If you?re a hunter (or anyone who spends time outdoors) and you?re reading this and you don?t know what a Thermacell is then you?re definitely missing out.  Thermacell is the #1 insect repellent on the market and, for hunters, it will change the way you hunt.  Very rarely does a product live up to the ?hype? or ?buzz? that we often hear about, but I?m here to tell you that Thermacell is everything that the ?hype? says it is?plus some! Just this past weekend I had a conversation with another hunter and I told him about Thermacell?s updated appliance and he told me that he doesn?t go in the woods without a Thermacell and that if a Thermacell cost $100 that he would still buy one!  And after hunting with a Thermacell in warm weather I feel the same way too!  
Believe it or not this is Thermacell?s 10th anniversary and so the updated model comes along at a unique time for the company.  Allegra Lowitt, Vice President of Marketing was quoted saying ?Our customers have made some great suggestions over the years regarding how we can improve the functionality of our products and we take this feedback very seriously?.  Based on feedback the new Thermacell appliance is updated with the following:
  • Ergonomic hang grip ? makes it easier to hold
  • Matte finish ? more aesthetically pleasing
  • Quieter ON/OFF Button ? Reduces amount of noise made when turning appliance on
They also updated the appliance holster with the following:
  • Elastic trim design - allowing for easier insertion/removal of the Thermacell appliance
  • Quieter side pockets ? removed buttons and used elastic for refill side pockets reducing sound
  • Swivel Clip ? new swivel clip added on back for easier attaching to gear from any angle
A new feature integrated into the new appliance is the All-Purpose Swivel light.  The light attaches to the top of the Thermacell, but also comes with a clip so you can attach it wherever you want.  The light comes with the batteries installed and has a white and green line of LEDS that you can use for lighting and they are bright!  (I almost blinded myself a little while ago).  The new light fits seamlessly into the Thermacell appliance and is a neat new feature.  
I am a web guy and we have to constantly create, delete, and update images, animations, style-sheets, videos, pages, apps, sites, etc?we?re adjusting and adapting all the time.  Given that everything is in code or a ?digital? format, it?s not too hard to be flexible and adjust, but most importantly the thing to note is that if you don?t listen and innovate?you won?t be around long. Creativity, design, functionality, and implementation rule the online world.  The most impressive thing to me about Thermacell?s updated appliance is that the addition of the new features demonstrates that same principle, but with a manufactured product that you can touch and feel.  Thermacell is listening to their audience and responding with top notch innovation.  And that is why Thermacell is the #1 product on the market and will continue to be!  


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