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WeHuntSC.com has launched!

The weather is starting to turn to cool, football season has started back up, and deer hunting season is just around the corner.  As  fall appraoches, I am excited about many things, especially the launching of this site.  I look forward to seeing what my fellow South Carolinians are up to and hearing the many stories and seeing the pictures that will come in during the next few months.

After researching, a few of us noticed that there was no single location where hunters in South Carolina could go to share stories, tips, information, and images of the game harvested from the SC outdoors.  Thus, this site was created to fill that void.  So feel free to send us your feedback, thoughts, & suggestions about the site.  We'd love to hear from you.

So we got us a Bushnell Advantage Game Camera this off season and have been very pleased with it so far.  The only trouble is that the raccoons seem to be getting the best of our deer corn!  It looks like they've enlarged the family in the off season too!  Check out this picture of the new family.

Raccoons & Deer

Also, we caught the 6 pointer who appeared to have a little run-in with one of the raccoons in a different shot.  Would have been neat to see what else went down in the seconds that followed this photo 



The clock is ticking until September 15th and I hope you all have as much anticipation as we do to get this season underway.

Until next time...

Clint Patterson
WeHuntSC.com Webmaster

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