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WeHuntSC.com Video Shoot Behind the Scenes
  WeHuntSC.com - Video Image Through the Flip
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This past weekend we took to the woods and shot some HD videos that will be edited, produced, and come to the site soon.  Trying to take myself serious in front of the camera proved to be a little difficult for me (and may prove difficult for you as well).  Though, one of the neat parts of how we?re working our videos at this point is that we ask site visitors to suggest video ideas and contribute information to videos that we may not have included. We ended several segments saying ?If you do it differently or have something interesting to contribute, just let us know and we may come out and film you?.  As the goal of this site is to be an information hub rather than a site to promote videos of the WeHuntSC.com team, we hope to get out and around the state to get video segments from different areas and see different ways of doing things.  So be sure to let us know if you have any ideas or insight for future videos.

If you aren?t use to having a big microphone hanging over your head, light reflectors in your face, and a camera right on you?it can be a little intimidating.  We went around and shot some videos on stand placement, stand location, trail markers, and sign in the woods!   Whenever they get finished, we?ll publicize them on the site.  I?m really excited to see what Jason and Yellow Cape Communications can create.  I know whatever it is will be quality as I?ve seen a lot of his work before + he shot video of the WeHuntSC.com girls on the site. 

Hopefully he?ll reduce the glare off my bald head!  With that said, all I we can do for now is wait on the edit? more to come later.




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