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What is WeHuntSC.com?

Sometimes people ask me ?What is WeHuntSC.com???so I figured I?d write a blog about it and try to give an adequate answer... 

I guess the web site can be different things for different people, but it kind of depends on your perspective.  Since the perception of the site can differ, I?ve tried to write from a few different lenses in case you happen to fit into one of the below vantage points.

From a Hunter?s Viewpoint
WeHuntSC.com is a website geared toward the hunters of South Carolina.  We are an information hub and an online location for hunters to share information, photos, videos, and stories.  We are flexible and open to suggestions from our site audience and we try to adapt and accommodate as much as possible. 

We promote hunting and conservation and we respect the game and land we are blessed enough to hunt.  We support our governing body (SCDNR) and promote and abide by their regulations.  Our site gives hunters another online area to debate and dialogue about whatever?s on our minds.  Our site offers hunters in South Carolina a location to connect with other hunters who share the same interests and who are regionally close to them.  By providing an avenue for information exchange, our site fosters relationships among the outdoorsmen of South Carolina and beyond. 

From the metrics, it?s evident that hunters in states all over the US and from several foreign nations are also interested in seeing what we?ve got going on in SC.  Hunters in other states view the pages of our site and seldom comment?they are just curious about us and what we?ve got going on.  In that regard, our site is a window to the rest of the hunting world for what kind of animals we?re harvesting in South Carolina and how we go about hunting the game in our state. 

Hunters come to our site to connect, to compete, and to communicate?and we try to have a good time with it!

From a Sponsor?s Viewpoint
We also host various online competitions throughout the hunting seasons to give back to SC hunters.  For an organization, these competitions represent opportunities to directly interface with hunters throughout the year.  Organizations can donate products and sponsor competitions in exchange for publicity and marketing on our site.  We monitor our site?s metrics daily and we continue to grow.  If you have an organization interested in promoting via our site, just let us know and we can send you some metric reports if you?re interested in cost per impression analysis. 

We also have a team of bloggers who blog about their hunts.  Some organizations give us products to use/field test and blog about.  This offers organizations a grass roots means to connect with hunters throughout the hunting season and the year.  Our bloggers aren?t professional hunters with TV shows?we?re just normal guys who like to hunt?and write about it.  We utilizemedia rich techniques of images, lightbox image galleries, and YouTube videos to document our hunts and any products that we may be field testing.  When SC hunters have memorable hunts we?ll also post guest blogs that they submit.  We have also done blog series when it made sense.  An example of this is the Tecomate Seed Food Plot Journey where we did a year-long blog series of creating food plots.

We, our bloggers, our hunters, and fans all promote different areas of our site via social media.  Organizations that partner with us receive product promotion, increased logo awareness, and greater brand recognition on our site, on YouTube, on Facebook, and Twitter.  From this standpoint, we help organizations reach people in several different online locations.

From a Web Viewpoint
Ah yes, the web!  I am a web guy (actually a "webneck") by trade and this site offers me a place to sharpen a skill set.  I keep this site up on the side with the help of a couple other individuals.  Running this site helps me gain a greater knowledge about this platform, gives me a creative outlet, and helps me keep my mind turning.  The challenge to innovate, keep fresh content, and keep users engaged is interesting and fun, but most importantly it forces me to learn.  The push to try to be on the fringe with technology is an endless task and the struggle breeds knowledge. 

I hope this entry has helped communicate what WeHuntSC.com is about from whatever perspective you find yourself.  The site may change in time, well, it will have to change in order to survive, so stay tuned as we keep pushing to find ways to connect and engage online.



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