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The South Carolina Deer Hunting Message Board is Getting Heated Up
  WeHuntSC.com - SC Deer Hunting Message Board

The air is getting a little cooler, football season is in full swing, and deer hunting season is upon us.  If you?re like me you can smell the seasons changing to fall in the air? and it just does something to you.  Sensing the temperature starting to drop and smelling the grass of the football field just makes me feel good inside!  

Others are sensing it and ?getting the itch? (at least the hunting part) too!  This can be noted as the activity on the message board is picking up.  I imagine we?ll get some good conversations on the board this fall as well as some good pics/videos posted to the site.  I look forward to seeing what everyone brings to the site this season!

Maybe we should give a prize for the first user to 300 posts or something? if we do, you boys would have to catch up to Hoot because I think he?s currently in the lead!

Remember: If you?re posting a pic in the competitions PUT THE DATE IN THE PIC!




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