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2012 Waterfowl Competition Winner Announced
Even though the weather made it tough on duck hunters this year, we still had some good entries in our WinnTuck Waterfowl Competition.  Over the past 3 days the site audience has voted for the winner of the competition and ?Renee?s 1st Limit? entered by ?BFlow? won the competition by a landslide receiving 83% of all votes. 
WeHuntSC.com - 2012 Waterfowl Competition Vote Count
Congratulations to Renee on her 1st limit & on winning the competition. 
WeHuntSC.com - 2012 Waterfowl Competition Winner
BFlow or Renee feel free to contact me via email to work out a date/time to claim the prizes.

Vote for the Winner

It?s going to be like a second Christmas pretty soon for the winners of our competitions?but first someone has to win!  Last year we selected the winners, but this year we?ve narrowed it down to 3 entries per competition and are letting the site audience vote on our winners.  Voting will be live for 7 days and run through Jan 10th.  On Jan 11th the winners will be announced and the prizes will be delivered shortly thereafter.  Stay tuned for the winner?s blog when we post pics/videos of the winners receiving their prizes.

As you know, this year we implemented the ?have the date in the pic rule? and that made many pics ineligible for the competition.  We had to enforce this rule because site users were uploading pics of deer shot in previous years.  Forcing hunters to put the date in the pic removes the question as to when the deer was harvested.  In this year?s GroundHog MAX Buck of the Year Competition we had to make a ruling on a pic that was a tough decision. 

   WeHuntSC.com - We couldn't accept this picture
  Hated to throw this pic out

Ryan Lyle posted a game cam pic of a deer (with the date in it) then posted a pic of the harvested deer right beside of it. It was a great deer!  It seems Ryan found out about the competition after he harvested the buck so he created a side by side pic showing the game cam pic of the deer and then the pic of him and the deer after he shot it.  While the rack in both pics looks very similar, we threw this pic out from judging because we want to abide by our own rules, we want to be fair to the entries that did have the date in the picture of the harvested deer, and we also don?t want to have to compare any racks with game cam pics in future entries.  It?s just too fine of a line to walk and could lead to unfair decisions and future scrutiny.  While this deer is one of the biggest deer I?ve ever seen shot in SC, we?re sorry that we can?t accept the photo as an entry.  Feel free to complain in the comment section below.

With all of that said, thanks to everyone for participating and thanks to our sponsors for donating such great products to WeHuntSC.com & to our winners.

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