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2011 SC Predator Competition Winners

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As you are most likely aware, we just crowned the winners in South Carolina?s first predator competition this past weekend. Terry Williams, Chip & Amanda Humphries emerged as the victorious team and they even got some of their hunt on video! Congratulations to the winning team hailing from McBee, SC.
I?m not a big predator hunter, but I don?t think I?d mind giving it a try!  Earlier this year some of our site members were mentioning to me that we should have a predator competition, but by not being an avid predator hunter this presented a dilemma for me.  I was hesitant to try to create and structure a competition that I didn?t fully understand.  For this reason, I?d like to say a big ?Thank You? to Chip Humphries (and everyone that helped him) for partnering with us and helping us properly structure, recruit sponsors, and run the competition.  We leaned on Chip and crew for insight in creating a good competition.  Without their help, it wouldn?t have been possible? so it may have just been destiny that they emerged victorious in the competition!   Also, we should give another big ?Thank You? to the Sportsman?s Warehouse in Columbia, SC as well for letting us base the check-in out of their facility. Pulling this competition off was a total team effort so thanks to everyone involved.
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We really didn?t know what to expect from the competition given that there is no official predator season and due to the youth of the site.  We were pleased to have 19 teams entered in the competition in just the first year.  We think (and hope) that the predator competition will continue to grow and get bigger every year.  While we were at the Sportsman?s Warehouse we had several people come by and note that they ?wish they had known about the competition? because they would have entered.  This is a good sign.  We also got some good marketing while socializing at the check-in.
The final results of the competition were:
1st Place: Terry Williams, Chip Humphries, Amanda Humphries ? McBee, SC
2nd Place: Dan Brothers ? Santee, SC
3rd Place: David Pruett & Todd Davis ? Spartanburg, SC
While we were at the check-in, Chip told me that they had some of their hunt on video.  I was pumped about this and eager to see the footage.  Since they had the footage, they were nice enough to let me include it in the below video.
I think everyone had a good time? I know we did!  We appreciate the sponsors and hunters who competed in the competition.  We hope to see you at the check-in next year as well.

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