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Search WeHuntSC.com with In-Line Search Feature

This is just a quick blog entry to let you know that I?ve embedded some additional functionality in the site to make searching easier.  If it?s aggravating you, then I?ll take it out, but if you like it (or don?t care) then I?ll leave it in. 

It's simple, you just highlight some text and immediately after highlighting the text you?ll see a search button appear.  It will look like this

WeHuntSC.com - How to use in-line search

After you click the search button you will see a small window open up in the top right-hand corner of the site giving you information about the term you searched for.  The search is divided up into 3 sections Explore, Videos, & Images? which you can click on to get images or videos.  The Explore view is the default view and gives you information in the form of text and links.  It looks like this

WeHuntSC.com - Search Results

So this is just another little something I?ve added to make the site more user friendly.  Let me know if you do or don?t like it and we?ll progress accordingly.

Hoot, it may help you find rabbits online, but not in the field!  I?m still working on that app :)



My First WeHuntSC.com Blog
             WeHuntSc.com/Derek Coblentz 8 Point Buck
     Derek's 8 Pointer
First things first? I?m excited to finally find a website that has a group of hunters that all have a common goal, to share hunting experiences in South Carolina.  I want to say thanks to Clint and the other people involved in starting and managing this site.
My name is Derek Coblentz, and I reside in Hanahan South Carolina. I do most of my hunting with my good friend Nick Pye, in the low country of South Carolina and I hunt everything with a season!  From deer to turkeys to ducks, I really enjoy it all.  When I?m not hunting I?m preparing for the upcoming season whether it?s planting food plots, scouting, or putting out game cameras.  I look forward to sharing my hunts and reading about yours next season. 
Everyone can remember killing their first deer, but not every one can say they have the privilege to re-live the moment over and over again.  Luckily, I can because my father filmed my first hunt.  Since then, I?ve really gotten into filming my hunts and have captured a lot of footage?especially in the last two years.  I tote my camera before my gun if I?m in the woods. Not only is filming my hunts fun (and a great way to view animals in their environment), but it?s a great way to look back and view some of my best memories. Here are some of the videos I put together from my past seasons





I hope you enjoyed the videos because I know I had a good time making them.  I look forward to sharing more hunts and videos with you in the upcoming year.



Join Us For The WeHuntSC.com Hunter's Night Out

WeHuntSC.com - Hunter's Night Out

Join us for our Hunter's Night Out

WeHuntSC.com is excited to host the WeHuntSC.com Hunter?s Night Out which will take place on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 at First Baptist Church Fellowship hall in Pageland, South Carolina.  We received a lot of feedback from the ?Food Plot Journey? with people wanting to know more so we?ve asked the organizations involved with the Food Plot Journey to come and present and they?ve all agreed! 

The subject matters for the evening will be food plot creation + maintenance and game management.  So if you?re interested in food plots or quality deer management, then round up your hunting buddies and come on out and join us.  The event is free!

The event will start at 5:30 and will last around 1.5 hours given the # of questions that get asked.  We will also have some food and drinks afterwards for anyone interested. 

Featured Speakers Background:

Keith Frachiseur ? Keith is the inventor of the a new concept in ATV plows..., his very own GroundHog MAX ATV plow.  Keith is from Georgia and is an avid hunter. Keith invented the GroundHog MAX ATV plow while thinking of creative ways to get food plots in those remote places where the big bucks hide out.  The GroundHog MAX ATV plow is owned by Monroe Tufline.  Keith is also knowledgeable about tractors & tractor parts.

QDMA Representative ? The QDMA representative will discuss the following:

  • History of Quality Deer Management
  • Background of Quality Deer Management Assoicaton
  • The FOUR Cornerstones of QDMA
  • Our Grass Roots Branch Network
  • Our REACH Program

Mike Lee ? Mike is the Southeast Territory Manager for Tecomate Seed and hails from Alabama.  Mike is very knowledgeable about all things food plots!  Mike has years of experience planting food plots of all types and has an in depth understanding of how it all works.

Event Summary

Event: Hunters Night Out
Location: First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, Pageland SC ? Google Map to Location
Time: 5:30
Cost: Free
Featured Speakers: Mike Lee (Tecomate Seed), Keith Frachiseur (GroundHog MAX), & a QDMA representative
Subjects Covered: Food Plot Creation + Game Management
Event Contact:  Adam Smith ([email protected])

If you plan on attending the event, please submit the form on the Hunter's Night Out page so we can get a head count on the # of people so that we can have the correct amount of food on hand! -

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GearFrenzy partners with WeHuntSC.com for Turkey of The Year Competition
   WeHuntSC.com - GearFrenzy Web Site Image

We are excited to announce that GearFrenzy has partnered with us to sponsor this year?s ?Turkey of the Year Competition?!  GearFrenzy is an up and coming online marketplace for all things hunting gear.  GearFrenzy has a lot of video from some of the outdoor pros on their site and they specifically talk about the products they use within the site.  If you haven?t checked out their site, you should give it a look at www.GearFrenzy.com

An excerpt from the GearFrenzy web page:

At Gear Frenzy, we believe choosing the right gear shouldn?t be hard, but with so many options, it can be difficult to know exactly what to buy!

To help you get ready for your next trip, we are teaming up with the best hunters in the industry, bringing you expert advice straight from the people you know and trust. Not only can you see the gear they use, but you can also see firsthand how and why they use it. It?s an experience like no other.

Get invited into Michael Waddell?s hunting shed, sit in the stand next to Tiffany Lakosky and do laundry with Mark Kayser! These are just some of the experiences you will have while at Gear Frenzy. And the best thing about it? We are just getting started!

So now that you know a little bit about them, feel free buy products from their web site and tell them that WeHuntSC.com sent you!



WeHuntSC.com Video Shoot Behind the Scenes
  WeHuntSC.com - Video Image Through the Flip
   WeHuntSC.com - Video Shoot Image 1

This past weekend we took to the woods and shot some HD videos that will be edited, produced, and come to the site soon.  Trying to take myself serious in front of the camera proved to be a little difficult for me (and may prove difficult for you as well).  Though, one of the neat parts of how we?re working our videos at this point is that we ask site visitors to suggest video ideas and contribute information to videos that we may not have included. We ended several segments saying ?If you do it differently or have something interesting to contribute, just let us know and we may come out and film you?.  As the goal of this site is to be an information hub rather than a site to promote videos of the WeHuntSC.com team, we hope to get out and around the state to get video segments from different areas and see different ways of doing things.  So be sure to let us know if you have any ideas or insight for future videos.

If you aren?t use to having a big microphone hanging over your head, light reflectors in your face, and a camera right on you?it can be a little intimidating.  We went around and shot some videos on stand placement, stand location, trail markers, and sign in the woods!   Whenever they get finished, we?ll publicize them on the site.  I?m really excited to see what Jason and Yellow Cape Communications can create.  I know whatever it is will be quality as I?ve seen a lot of his work before + he shot video of the WeHuntSC.com girls on the site. 

Hopefully he?ll reduce the glare off my bald head!  With that said, all I we can do for now is wait on the edit? more to come later.




QDMA Partners with WeHuntSC.com
  WeHuntSC.com - QDMA LogoWeHuntSC.com - QDMA Logo

Quality Deer Management Association
The WeHuntSC.com team is pleased to announce that QDMA is working with us to bring our site audience a monthly ?Article of the month?.  Quality Deer Management (QDM) is a management philosophy/practice that unites landowners, hunters, and managers in a common goal of producing biologically and socially balanced deer herds within existing environmental, social, and legal constraints. 
QDMA publishes the Quality Whitetails Journal on a regular basis and the articles featured on our site will come from recent editions of the journal.  The most-respected deer biologists, researchers and experts from around the country can be found on the pages of Quality Whitetails. No other publication offers the level of fresh, practical and reliable information on food plots, habitat management, deer behavior and deer hunting. Receiving Quality Whitetails is like having the experts along with you on your hunting property allowing readers to take what they learn and apply it directly to their land.
After speaking with the marketing director for QDMA, I learned that the QDMA organization initially started in coastal South Carolina!  So it?s only appropriate that the South Carolina hunting web site and QDMA be involved with each other.
We hope the articles featured on the site will enrich your knowledge of all things deer hunting and, over time, help the quality of deer in our state.

WeHuntSC.com Video Shoot

We recently held the video shoot for the video spokeswomen for our WeHuntSC.com.  The shoot was a neat experience and I think the footage will turn out well on the site.  Jason Fararooei of Yellow Cape Communications ran the show and he did a very professional job. 

The footage was shot in HD with a blue-screen background.  Normally this would have been shot with a green-screen background, but due to the hues of green in the camouflage shirts, we could not use the green-screen. 

The shoot took about 3 hours in total and we had 3 different females come in for the shoot.  When the footage posts to the site, you will see these three ?video-spokeswomen? on random site pages.  Mostly they will be giving short intro messages to the pages.  The video will be flash-based, transparent, waist-up shots.

Also, if you need some high quality video work, be it for the web , TV, or DVD?Yellow Cape Communications can do the job.  Check out what they?ve got going on at www.YellowCapeCommunications.com or contact Jason at [email protected]

Below are some visuals to give you an idea of what went on at the shoot.



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WeHuntSC.com has launched!

The weather is starting to turn to cool, football season has started back up, and deer hunting season is just around the corner.  As  fall appraoches, I am excited about many things, especially the launching of this site.  I look forward to seeing what my fellow South Carolinians are up to and hearing the many stories and seeing the pictures that will come in during the next few months.

After researching, a few of us noticed that there was no single location where hunters in South Carolina could go to share stories, tips, information, and images of the game harvested from the SC outdoors.  Thus, this site was created to fill that void.  So feel free to send us your feedback, thoughts, & suggestions about the site.  We'd love to hear from you.

So we got us a Bushnell Advantage Game Camera this off season and have been very pleased with it so far.  The only trouble is that the raccoons seem to be getting the best of our deer corn!  It looks like they've enlarged the family in the off season too!  Check out this picture of the new family.

Raccoons & Deer

Also, we caught the 6 pointer who appeared to have a little run-in with one of the raccoons in a different shot.  Would have been neat to see what else went down in the seconds that followed this photo 



The clock is ticking until September 15th and I hope you all have as much anticipation as we do to get this season underway.

Until next time...

Clint Patterson
WeHuntSC.com Webmaster

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